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Make yourself available for the master’s use


Youth choir ministering at Mgbidi 2021<br />

Mark 16:15-18 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned. 17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

The Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Saviour of the world is our Master; hence, He has the authority to use any one of us at any time to achieve His purposes, the preaching of the gospel for the deliverance and salvation of the souls of all mankind. In the above scripture, He commanded all believers, His disciples to go into the world to preach the gospel and in the process, get people converted, and baptise them in preparation for the rapture, His second advent.


Every Christian in this heavenly race must make himself available for the propagation of the gospel for soul winning. It is for this reason our Lord Jesus Christ commanded His disciples to occupy with the gospel preaching till He comes again. He stated it thus in Luke 19:12-13, “He said, therefore, A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return. 13 And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.” This occupation of the gospel preaching space implies preaching the gospel for the salvation of entire mankind, baptising the converted, delivering people from the Devil’s bondage, healing the sick, and eventually preparing them for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. In everything God does on this planet earth, He uses human instruments for the execution. That is the reason Jesus Christ had to come as a human being to deliver mankind from sins. God uses man here on earth for Divine projects, both physical and spiritual. That is why the Bible says in Jeremiah 51:20 -24, “Thou art my battle-ax and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms; 21 And with thee will I break in pieces the horse and his rider; and with thee will I break in pieces the chariot and his rider; 22 With thee also will I break in pieces man and woman; and with thee will I break in pieces old and young; and with thee will I break in pieces the young man and the maid; 23 I will also break in pieces with thee the shepherd and his flock; and with thee will I break in pieces the husbandman and his yoke of oxen; and with thee will I break in pieces captains and rulers. 24 And I will render unto Babylon and to all the inhabitants of Chaldea all the evil that they have done in Zion in your sight, saith the Lord”. Human beings are God’s battle-ax and weapons of war for the benefit of the man himself. God uses men He called into His service to pray and deliver fellow human beings from the Devil’s bondage. God has given the earth to men, hence He uses human beings whenever necessary. The Bible says in Psalm115:16, “The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s: but the earth hath he given to the children of men’.

God has put the earth under man’s control, while He takes control of the heavens. For God to take action in any matter on earth, He needs an invitation from men. In honouring the invitation He, God uses men to act on earth. God directed Job to pray for his friends because He wants human input in any earthly matter. In Psalm 122:6-8, the Bible says, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. 7 Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. 8 For my brethren and companions’ sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee”. God has the power to do all things as power belongs to Him. He has all the resources to bring peace to Jerusalem without the involvement of any human, yet He directed men to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. He does not want to act in breach of His own due process. He wants to use men in any earthly matter.


As a disciple of Jesus Christ, a born again child of God, you are created to serve as God’s instrument on earth. Therefore, make yourself available for the Master’s use.

It is important to note that any individual God will use for anything must not be a carnal man in a spiritual project. The person must, after being born again, keep himself holy. He or she must prepare and keep himself or herself for the Master’s use. God has nothing to do with a sinner, as He abhors iniquity. As a human being, prepare yourself for the Master’s use by repenting from all your known and unknown sins. If you have been indulging in any kind of sinful activities, such as stealing either by a break and enter or by waylaying vehicles on the road and using gun to force people to surrender their belongings to you, Christ is knocking at the door of your heart, asking you to repent and give your life to Him. It is possible you still commit fornication and adultery, telling lies to cover up your wrong actions, but if you continue in that way and die in that condition, hell fire will be your portion. In order to prepare yourself for the Master’s use, purge yourself of all sinful activities. God is interested in the life and salvation of every human being; hence He called all to repentance. People on the other side of the divide refusing to repent are disobedient to the Word of God and are going to receive punishment if they do not repent. God is calling you into His service, therefore, make yourself available, and He will use you to do exploits. Then, God’s blessings and favours plus eternal life in Heaven at the end of this life will be your portion in Jesus name.

Agent Of Darkness Shown Mercy At Chosen
May we meet you?

MY name is Chosen (real name withheld) from Aba, Abia State. I am 26 years old. I was initiated when I was in my mother’s womb when her pregnancy was 10 months old.
What did they initiate you into?


They initiated me into the kingdom of darkness as a wife to the second-in-command to Lucifer. When my mother gave birth to me, they didn’t want me to start showing the kind of human being I am. I started my operation when I was 10 years, in my primary school then, initiating my classmates, and some of the aunties (class teachers). Every night, I used the first car my father bought to go to meetings. Physically, the car was going to the mechanic every day, and my father did not know that I was the cause of the car’s problems. I gave my father money and made him rich. Everything in the house was running smoothly, until one day, when my mother decided to join the charismatic in her church. She began to disturb my operation in the house, and I began to scatter whatever my father had in that house. I made my father sell that car and turned everything upside down in the family.

When I was 15 years old, I decided to travel to Rivers State to carry out an assignment. I didn’t go with any clothes or shoes, I just moved like that. Anywhere I went, people favoured me with whatever I needed because the devil knew the kind of assignment he wanted to do. I went to where two oil companies were sited in Rivers State and some girls live around the companies. When I got there, I lied and told them that I didn’t have parents. The aim was for them to allow me to stay in their house. However, they did not know then that I was an evil child. When they eventually accommodated me, I did a lot of evil to them. I was commanding and charming them to do some evils they were into. I gave them more power to do evil. Whenever they wanted to meet with the white people, I would give them more power to do that. Whenever any man crossed me, the python in my waist would collect/swallow all the children the man is supposed to give birth to in this world. That was my assignment in Port Harcourt. In that same Rivers State, I met a man whose business was flourishing but he had no child. I promised to produce a child for him, but he didn’t know I wanted to collect his destiny. After some months, I succeeded in collecting the man’s destiny and star. The man was getting small powers from native doctors, but when I began my operation with him, no native doctor could stop me, and I collected the little power he had and sent it to the queen of the coast in the river. The queen seized the man’s wealth and he began having problems at his place of work. Eventually, he was sacked after some months.

Then I left River State to Bayelsa State. I went to Bayelsa State without knowing anybody and continued with my assignment. Many thought I was doing it for pleasure, they did not know I was collecting their star and what made them to become men in this life. I was doing all that, including initiating girls and collecting their wombs to ensure that they did not have children in life, except they repent and serve Jesus Christ before they could recover whatever they had lost. I met one boy in Bayelsa State. I saw the boy as poor and I was giving him money, taking care of him, although he didn’t know where I was getting the money. I was using the boy to refresh the power given to me but he didn’t know. Since my mother gave birth to me, I have never visited a hospital. I can never be sick.

How old are you now?
I am 26 years old. So, as I was giving that boy gifts, he would be giving them to some of his friends and I would be collecting his friends’ destinies. There was a time I was taken to a particular church in Bayelsa State and the man there thought he had power but he had none. After the first deliverance he conducted on me, I scattered the man’s church. He began to have problems with his church members. Even the women in the church brought the police to arrest the Pastor. After that, I deceived one woman who was in the restaurant business. I was cooking and selling for her. The woman trusted me and left everything in my care. Whenever I went to the market to buy ingredients, the evil ones would follow me. And even while cooking the food, they would still be directing me on what to add. They would also add their own evil ingredients, perfumes, and all that. So, as the woman ate the food, she would be having a small attack. She would still run to this Pastor that had no power because he was using polluted olive oil from the kingdom of darkness. Such polluted olive oil is prepared with dead bodies. We would go to the mortuary around 1:00 in the morning. If I wanted to carry out such an assignment, I would sleep in my shop and lock myself inside, and then move out around 1:00 a.m to where they keep dead bodies. I would use the egg of the rose to invoke their brain into the tray pan given to me by the devil. After that, I would take the brain to the kingdom of darkness, where it would be melted and mixed with some other evil things and prepare it the way olive oil is supposed to be and package it in a carton and call our agents to carry them to the market. And as people buy and use, they are either initiated or afflicted with a mysterious sickness.


Still, in Bayelsa State, I sacrificed 185 to Lucifer at a time he had a problem.

What kind of problem did Lucifer have?
There are three men in this world that God is using marvelously. One of them is our General Overseer. At a time, these men sent fire into the kingdom of darkness, and Lucifer was injured. When we saw it, we demons decided to go and get that quantity of blood, so that he could drink it and get well again.

After the Bayelsa assignment, I moved over to Elele Barracks, where soldiers are… (continues next week)

I stayed there for four years, carrying out my assignment. I killed any man that offended me either through a vehicle or motorcycle accident. At Elele Barracks, I usually go to the burial ground, remove dead people’s hearts, kidneys, blood, etc and used them to do brown powder, juice, etc, and send them to the market. Later, I returned to Aba, but I was told to move away from my parents to avoid disturbance. So, I went and rented a shop and stayed. At around 10 o’clock every night, I would dress up and enter any hotel, charm any girl, put sickness in her body and then manipulate a man to approach the girl and sleep with her.


Once this is done, the sickness is contracted by that man. In this way, people get HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis, among others.

Once this sickness is contracted, the only thing that can save them is repentance, if not, the devil will use the sickness to kill them. The devil is doing all these things because he knows that the time is near that Jesus is coming. He is fighting to get people he will destroy before Jesus comes. Just as God is trying to make people repent and make Heaven at last, so also the devil is manipulating to bring people into his own kingdom.

I want to say here that I have wreaked a lot of havoc. I caused many accidents and killed many innocent children.

At times, I would go to the General Hospital, enter the delivery ward with my demon agents, and caused women in labour to die with their fetus, and their spirits would be taken to our kingdom. Please, let everybody repent and surrender their lives to Christ, as there is no more time. As God showed me mercy and granted me salvation in The Lord’s Chosen, He will also show you mercy, if you repent.


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