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Meet Mirrikle, Nigeria’s rapid rising star, afro-classic artiste

By Guardian Nigeria
07 November 2021   |   2:45 am
Miracle Chukwuebuka Nwaogu, known professionally as Mirrikle, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, rapper and dancer. He is one of the most creative artiste in the Nigerian music industry.


Miracle Chukwuebuka Nwaogu, known professionally as Mirrikle, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, rapper and dancer. He is one of the most creative artiste in the Nigerian music industry.

He discovered music when he was 7 years old. As a young kid in the neighbourhood then, he and his friends would take turns to do what they called “show yourself” and whenever it got to his turn, he would always rap. He really loved rap, to him it was fun. But when some brothers started showing him love, giving him money and saying that he has talent as a way of encouraging him, that’s when he started to think maybe he’s really good at rap music.

According to Mirrikle, he grew up listening to Lil Wayne to the extent that at some point he even had his swag, as well as Rick Ross and Drake too. “I was in high school at Ibadan for six years, I was lucky to have a principal who loved talents and encouraged us to find/know our talent. We also had a lot of events to help support us in showcasing our talent, he said.

He said, “I love Wizkid so much, he came and really changed a lot for the industry, especially with taking the sound international. If you check many of the young guys now, he’s a big influence on them, and shoutout to D’Banj too. I remember listening to this DJ Xclusive song ‘Jeje’ with Wizkid. I also listened to DJ Maphorisa/Wizkid which is probably why I love Amapiano so much. You see the Afro sound is generally very playful, you can find Fuji, Jamaican style, Fela inside one song. And with that kind of sound, you can do anything really. So rather than box me, I decided that I’ll experiment.”

Known for his ability to rap and sing in English, Mirrikle pushes the envelope even further. Focusing on singing was more like a smart strategy for him because he wanted to blow quick and from the look of things, rap was actually going to slow me down, he says. I can’t even rap in Yoruba or Igbo, so who was going to answer me with English rap. “Only very few rappers are recognised but the truth is rap can’t feed you in this country because it is not even properly appreciated yet,” he added.

Mirrikle, who described his sound as Afro Classic, started doing music professionally in 2021 because it is the year that his official debut dropped. He also dropped a record titled “She” (Shakara) in 2018.

Speaking on what happened between 2018 and the year 2021 period that he appeared to be on a hiatus, the artist said, “I was recording songs. I spent a lot of time first enjoying music – I listened to a lot of songs and then I started recording my own songs. It was more or less a period of putting in the work, learning, understanding my sound and perfecting it, getting it ready for the audience.”

Talking about his debut single, he said “Flexin’ dropped last month and the song is typically what the title says. It is a very simple, catchy song that you can vibe to. It was actually a one-take freestyle. “Shout out to MJ my producer, he arranged the song. You know sometimes a song is not only the beat, the arrangement to matters. A song can be sweet and then it gets to a point where it just starts to dull, but a good arrangement in my opinion is what gives a song its replay value. And I intentionally made my song that way,” he said.

After Flexin, he has another single ready to drop in about a month’s time and then he’s working towards releasing an EP in the new year. Then there’s something that has been in the works but he is keeping to himself until when it’s time for the special announcement. He also said hands are open for big deals and endorsements. he believes he’s not facing any challenges

The top five songs on his playlist right now are Flexin, Faster by LAX, Uthando, which is a South African record. Also, ‘Peru’ by Fireboy and Wizkid’s ‘Anoti’.

On what he would consider a high point in his music career, he said “I feel like our music has become powerful enough to make the white people see us as god, and I want to be a part of that in whatever way that I can. Just knowing that I contributed to a great cause like that, for me that’s a high point I would always be proud about. And also, a Grammy obviously. That’s actually the biggest validation of talent and skill in music all over the world till date.”

If he wasn’t making music, he said he would be playing football because he was very good. If you were to kiss, kill, marry and have a one-nighter with any celebrity, who would it be?

“I’d like to kiss Rihanna, and then marry her too. I don’t know if I want to kill anybody unless anybody wants to kill my vibe. Then one-night stand will be either Maria BBNaija or Mercy Lambo,” he submitted.