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Music as development tool for children


Children are actively and meaningfully engaged during holidays with different activities that include cooking, dancing, sewing, bead and jewellery making and camping, among others. While some of these activities are meant to stimulate children’s thinking and creativity, others are meant to empower them with useful skills that could be exploited later in life.

Of all these activities, however, music stands out as one of those that are capable of impacting on the intellectual and physical development of a child.

It is, therefore, not surprising that many music schools are springing up everywhere. During holidays, these schools provide interested children the opportunity to bring out this aspect of their personality and talents.


Many schools also include music in their curriculum, having recognised its importance in the development of a child’s overall character.

Through the ages, the importance of music as a vital tool in helping to develop a child’s brain has been recognised by different cultures. And different peoples have devised their own ways of enabling their young ones appreciate and develop keen interest in music for personal and societal benefits.

While over time, there have evolved many types of genres, depending on the culture, certain genres are believed to be more powerful in aiding children’s learning and intelligence more than others.

One of such is classical music, which studies have shown not only help children’s brain to develop at a phenomenal rate, when exposed to it early, but is also known for its ability to help with logical thinking, inner stability and clear thinking.

Parents can start exposing their children to the powerful and positive influence of classical music right from when they are in the womb, as it has been said that babies are able to pick the its unique musical vibes, even when in the womb.

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