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No reason to be a failure – Part 3


Prophet Sunday O. Nwabeke

As a woman you don’t give your husband respect, before he opens his mouth to say one or two words, you have said five words, also begin to shout at him. Either because the man is still believing God to bless him, or you are earning more than the man, or maybe you are more educated than him, or you have selfish reason that is personally known to you. Let me tell you, the word of God says that man is the head of the family, whether he is performing his duties as the head of the family or not, give him his due respect, please! And continue to commit his life and affairs to God. Begin to love him. Remember if you don’t give him his due respect, heaven will not be your portion.

You as a man, you cannot come out as a strong man and contest for world heavy weight champion. But you decided to be fighting only inside your house with your wife as an opponent or the defender, my brother please rebel against this act. It is not good. If you are still enjoying your evil habits such as committing adultery, always getting drunk, easily irritated, unreliable, as well as not being faithful to God, brother you need to rebel against the destructive living. Because it would destroy your progress and also lead you to failure. Rebel against them.

You are not taking care of your responsibilities as a man. May be you are poor, things are not working out well for you, you have no job or work doing, or you are not even growing up spiritually. Please don’t allow your problem to weigh you down, rebel against them. Find out why you are having all these problems and once the root cause is know, please, rebel against them, as you do that may God answer you in Jesus name Amen.

For instance, you as a person, nothing is working out well for you. You have gone for deliverance for more than four times but it seems as if the prayers are even compounding your matters.

Beloved, prayer works and God does not waste time in delivering his people who call him with a clear mind. Even after deliverance, you didn’t take any action or wage war against your condition. Your problem will still torment you even more than before your prayer programme because problem grows higher if no attention is given to it.
Stop complaining! Sit up and posses your possessions.

If demons are still tormenting you the way they like, please check yourself very well. Revoke against the devil and his works, change your thoughts and your life in general. Avoid bad habits and be committed to your duties. Then the devil will stop tormenting you.
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