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Now that coronation is over, what next?



From the above text, the Lord needed to replace Saul, who woefully disappointed Him and the entire nation of Israel. The Lord had earlier chosen Saul as the first King of Israel to carry His banner and fight His battle on behalf of the Israelites. Unfortunately, he was not faithful to this noble call; rather, he chose to render half service unto the Lord. He failed the first assignment, when the Lord commanded him to utterly annihilate His enemy, the Amalekites, who plundered and ravaged the nation of Israel. He spared the King, Agag and some animals, contrary to God’s clear instruction. This flagrant disobedience cost him his throne.

Similarly, so many church leaders have disobeyed God by their unfaithfulness to discharge the mandate of God to the world. The Lord has decided to leave their beautiful assemblies desolate. The Lord left them but they knew it not. Little unfaithfulness attracts God’s displeasure. In churches today, sin is managed and allowed to fester at such an alarming rate. This is why the absence of God is felt everywhere in Christian fellowship.


As soon as  ‘Agag,’ the King of Amalekites was spared, God left Saul. Agag typified sin in this context. The Lord had expected the church to kill sin, as He commanded Saul to utterly destroy the Amalekites and spared nothing. But Saul unilaterally decided to compromise God’s instruction, hence, his rejection. Churches today pamper and nurse sins in their midst. They give reasons for their actions in defiance to God’s express command. They prefer to retain sinners than God’s presence. Unfortunately, God cannot dwell among sinners! It is so sad to note that so-called General Overseers’ wives propagate sins and make it thrive in the church of Christ by their Jezebel-kind of dressing.

The Lord is provoked by those who plant and nurse sin in the church of Christ. Many pastors and leaders lack the boldness and alacrity to correct their wives who are enmeshed in the web of worldliness and corruption. This has degenerated into serious compromise to the extent that these pastors and leaders now lack the gut to put things right because their wives are guilty of it. Some Pentecostal churches and their Overseers wear provocative dresses to climb the altar of God. What an abomination!

Now that the coronation is over, what next? This is the question the Lord is asking seeing that last Sunday He reminded us that we are kings and priests on earth. To retain the exalted position the Lord has placed us, there must be complete rejection of sin and worldliness. Sin and righteousness cannot coexist by all standards. One must give way to the other.

Pentecostals are now competing with the Orthodox by their actions. Weddings are freely conducted between a pregnant woman and man and no one has the courage to say ‘no’ to such evil in the house of God. So-called ministers do that because of love for gifts and money they receive from intending couples. Their mouths are shut up, while they distort the truth of God’s word.


David was coronated as the second King of Israel after Saul’s dethronement. The anointing of coronation was poured on him. This anointing brought about rest and peace to the Israelites. Immediately after the coronation, all the enemies of David were killed and God gave him peace on every side. To retain the oil of coronation, there must be holiness and righteousness.

Now that the coronation is over, God expects His people to evangelise and bring sinners to Him.
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