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Now that this 21-day fellowship is over: What next?

By Prophet O. Azuka
28 March 2021   |   2:43 am
The wordings of the above passage of the scripture depict the language and attitude of an investor. God is the wisest investor ever known in the universe.


The wordings of the above passage of the scripture depict the language and attitude of an investor. God is the wisest investor ever known in the universe. During the 21 days fasting and prayer programme, the Lord invested so much in the lives of His people, so they could go out and manifest.

The core reason for the programme is for impartation and manifestations. The Lord wouldn’t make an investment that will be wasted. Therefore, the Lord expects maximum Return On Investment (ROI) from all participants of the programme: “Occupy till I come.” The hallmark of the call, therefore, is for cooperation of all and sundry in the field of evangelism. The task ahead is overwhelming and demanding! It is time to work and labour for the Master. The slave market of sinners must be emptied for Christ, as we return to our homes.

The speed of the church after this meeting will be so high and unprecedented that no mortal man who didn’t participate in the programme can catch up with the participants’ pace. There must be conscious efforts as well in order to preserve all the gains of the programme. Carefulness is expected from participants. Careless living afterwards can spell doom and devastation.

At the beginning of the programme, there was a total refining and purging to enable man partake in the glory of God. Man went through this divine process to adequately prepare him for the task ahead. During this memorable event, coronation took place. The servant of God was elevated to a new spiritual rank that empowers him to crush the powers of darkness the more. He was decorated as Seven Star General in preparation for spiritual warfare in heavenly places. The church is about to enter a new level of warfare, hence, the fortification.

The new height we have attained during this programme comes with more spiritual responsibilities. After the programme, prayer lives of participants are expected to increase sporadically. It is not the kind of prayer that is compiled in pamphlets and read as rituals each time. This is what killed Pentecostal churches today because someone’s idea is reduced into a book called prayer book or daily manna. Such prayers in a compendium are not efficacious because they are stereotype and not divinely inspired. We should rather pray in the Holy Ghost.

In the course of the programme, the Lord removed filthy garments from His people and replaced them with beautiful garments. Also, two shoes were given to man: one for speed and one for dancing. The shoe for speed means speed in evangelism as recorded in Eph. 6:15. We are to go out and preach the gospel. The Lord also lifted the participants to heaven for training and thereafter brought them back. This is seen in Isaiah 6:1. The Lord specially decorated the women folk with unprecedented righteousness in dressing. The message on “Christian Dressing,” drove home this point. This experience has given them the grace to dress godly.

Further to the above, the Lord taught the church His righteousness. All these are meant to preserve and help us stand firm after the programme. God has imparted on all the participants and in return, He expects us to go out and bring sinners to the true and Original God. The world has been fed with the ideas of the Unknown God. People of the world wander from one place to the other, in search of the only True God and we are to show them the way. The world is begging for who will give them life because they are dead to righteousness.

Make yourself available for the task ahead as you return. Make Jesus Christ famous! Beware! Be warned!! Be caution!!!

For further reading: Exo. 24: 15-18; Eph. 6: 10; Zech. 3:1-7; Eph. 6:15; 52:7; Gen. 3:6; Isaiah 6:1; Titus 2:11; Romans 8:19; John 14:6; Isaiah 60:2; Eph. 2:1, 12, 5; Rev. 14:10; 1 Tim. 6:12.

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