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Nuggets of life – Part 1




I have come to the realisation that great successes in life come with articulate planning, focus and guided approach to execution. This means that life without the right approach will suffer reproach. It is, therefore, our willingness in meeting the demands of life that establishes our successes in life.

However, we need to understand that success is not accidental, but a product of applied principles. The result we generate in any life’s endeavour is a function of some secrets at our disposal. May I therefore say that you can never be successful than what you know. Exploits in life are contained in nuggets of life; it is our access to these nuggets that determines the attention and respect we command around us.

• The Power of Insight
Insight is one of the fundamental nuggets that make one secure enviable future. It is inexhaustible and could determine how far and well one moves in life; one’s progresses and failures are attached to it. It involves having full and deep understanding of any subject matter. It’s so unfortunate that we are in a generation, where many people depend only on common sense to survive, which is the reason we keep doing the same thing and getting the same result. For instance, a degree acquired 20 years ago is synonymous to a diploma of today. This is the reason, we have to update ourselves, so that, we could still be relevant and move with the times. We must strive to keep adding to what we know in order to be on top of our careers, profession or trade. Insight can never be substitute for anything, because the best of life can only be attained by the depth of one’s knowledge; what one knows, you may say.

May I, therefore, say that it is our desperation to know that determines our growth. It is what you know that determines how you grow. Your today can only be better than your yesterday, if you know something new today that you did not know yesterday.

Insight is, therefore, not a gift, but a committed and desperate pursuit of knowledge. It involves a tireless lifestyle of learning. It’s all about cultivating an attitude of learning. And that reminds me of a statement which says: “If you want to hide something from certain categories of people, put it in a book.” I see knowledge as a lifetime pursuit for a profitable living. Where you are today is a function of what you learnt yesterday. Insight is a capital price for success.

May I conclude by saying: “There is no mountain anywhere, every man’s ignorance is his mountain.’’

• Osunsanya is a 400 level student

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