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Nuggets of life – Part 2


Life does not necessarily give to us what we deserve, but what we demand. And that is why I have come up with the axiom: “There are no unfortunate people, there are only ignorant people. There are no lucky people, there are only enlightened people.’’

This implies that every great accomplishment in life is traceable to certain nuggets that make things work. It is the application of these nuggets that determine one’s success in life. Nobody is luckier than the other; it’s the secrets each one is trading with that makes things happen. However, you don’t need to travel abroad to be successful. All you need is to make relevant use of what it takes to be successful. And you just see yourself soaring high.

The Power of Diligence
I will never forget a statement made by Winston Churchill that responsibility is the price for greatness. This implies that where you will find yourself tomorrow is product of the quality of your commitment to work today. Diligence is the principal factor in making the most of life. Simply put, hard work!

I see hard work as the cure to hard life. It is the commitment and dedication we put to our work that determines our placement, our success. For instance, you may have three lawyers working at the same place, but each individual’s result is at the frequency of the quality investment of time, energy and resources. This makes diligence a non-negotiable requirement for outstanding accomplishment.

I see idleness, as the breeding ground for poverty. The undoing of many is that, we are waiting and wishing for things to work on its own without our own personal efforts. Therefore, the only substitute to hard work is hard life. Every great enterprise is built by hard work. Diligence simply involves the tireless engagement of one’s resources, time, energy and mental effort towards any given task to produce an enviable result.

There is a future in whatever your hands finds to do, if only you will be committed and dedicated in your approach. May I say that you keep doing what you find until you find what is fine. No matter your profession; you can attain great feat if you will give it all your best. Let me, therefore, conclude by saying that; nothing ever gets extraordinary on its own, it’s simply our extraordinary input that makes it extraordinary.

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Nuggets of life
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