Sunday, 26th March 2023
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Optimising your destiny – Part I

By John Okene
12 March 2023   |   3:59 am
God told Jeremiah that after the 70 years of exile is completed in Babylon, He will visit Israel to fulfill his great works and thoughts towards them.


Text: Jer 29:10-11; Rev 5:10
God told Jeremiah that after the 70 years of exile is completed in Babylon, He will visit Israel to fulfill his great works and thoughts towards them. The situation you are going through right now may not be pleasant, but God says you are not going to remain in it forever. There is surely an end to it and God will visit you to return you to His original intention, which is your expected end. As a child of God, you are not just ordained to operate in the office of a priest, but to reign with the authority of a king here on earth. You are ordained to take charge over circumstances and to get the best of your destiny. Optimising your destiny, therefore, means to get to the zenith and to achieve maximum efficiency. A lot of people are at a far cry from what God has ordained them to be. Time is running out and you cannot afford to die unfulfilled.

God never makes mistakes. He is a God of purpose. Wherever He places you, He expects you to make impact. It takes time to fulfill purpose, so, stop wasting your time on the frivolities of life or else you will find yourself operating behind God’s prophetic agenda for your life. Focus your time on the relevant things that can move you forward in life. If God ordained you to be a multi-billionaire, it is for a purpose, so that, you can support kingdom promoting projects, be a blessing to your family and the less-privileged around you. You must, therefore, start working and developing principles towards being a billionaire. Stop wasting your time and youthful strength.

Dr. Myles Munroe once said that the richest place in the world today is the cemetery, because a lot of people die with their potential. Every gifting that God has given to you is for you to be a blessing to the world. When God sees a need in a place, He sends the right person there, so, don’t be a failure by refusing to fulfill your purpose where you are. It could be in your church, community, office or even school as a student.

This is the right time to discover your purpose and make good use of your time. Eccl.12:1 says, you should remember your creator when you are still young before the evil days come when you can no longer have zeal and strength to serve Him. I have personally served in different units of the church in my early days and it was always a blessing to all while it lasted. I have been the head of security, standing at the gate in every service. I have also worked in the sanctuary-keeping department, specifically attached to the toilets and I did it with all joy and fulfillment. In all of these, I was also in charge of the editorial team, writing articles for the church bulletin, which was a great blessing and nourishment to so many readers within and outside the church. Identify your gift and passion and make use of it wherever God has placed you. Do not let anything hinder you, not even your status and God will reward you richly in Jesus’ name.

• Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State. Prayer line: +2348135952623