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Our home beyond the sky

By Prophet O. Azuka
14 June 2020   |   2:58 am
The splendour and beauty of heaven are so indescribable that no one can afford to miss it. John, the beloved, fell into verbiage in an attempt to describe the beauty


Text: John 14:2-3

The splendour and beauty of heaven are so indescribable that no one can afford to miss it. John, the beloved, fell into verbiage in an attempt to describe the beauty and glory of heaven. He lacked the actual words to capture it! 

The fact still remains that heaven is so beautiful and awesome. It is only those rooted in holiness and beautiful in the heart that can enter there. The threshold to heaven is salvation, which is the beginning of the journey and preparation for heaven. Holiness is also a prerequisite. There is no gainsaying the fact that all believers are called to holiness and righteousness because they are passports to heaven. No particular assembly is called to holiness; it’s a universal call that applies to believers of all races. 

The holy city belongs to holy people; it’s for those that have been washed in the blood of the lamb, whose sins are forgiven. Heaven is not a place to miss! Christ had long gone to prepare it for believers. Heaven is so spacious that it can accommodate the whole world if they can meet the requirements. There are so much fear and agitations in the world today, but if a man can trust and have confidence in God and His promises of a beautiful home in heaven, there won’t be any trouble in the heart of men.

The world will pass away and all its fantasies. They are mere ephemeral that will go on the flame in a twinkle of an eye. The world will be wiped out one day. Therefore, it is foolishness for man to throw all his weight and labour on this earth. There is a better home beyond the sky that man should always crave because it is a better place to be. 

The world should not ordinarily attract a real child of God, if only he knows what awaits him in heaven. There is danger in leaning on the grandeur of this world because the end result is hellfire. 

The people of the world are foolish in their vain thoughts: they look at their inventions and conclude that there is no God. The word of God calls them fools! They forgot the so-called great “Titanic,” which the inventors thought nothing could happen to it, but The Almighty God proved them otherwise. 

Children of God should desist from laying up their treasures on earth, where “moth doth corrupt.” Thieves can breakthrough the treasures of this world. Attention should rather be focused on heaven. The word of God in Colossians 3:1-3 is quite instructive. God expects Christians to be dead to sin and the world. A dead man does not respond to stimuli or any attraction around him. He is no more conscious of the world again because he is dead.
There is nothing that is as attractive as heaven. The glory of it should ordinarily jolt up the lukewarm and discouraged believers. In heaven, there is no night or day. The street of heaven, as described in Revelation, is made of beautiful and costly stones that did not even match the exact description of heaven. But for the fact that John did not know what else he could use on earth to describe it, he then settled with beautiful stones man is familiar with.

To enter heaven, a believer must be very careful not to fall into sin. Temptations will definitely come. They are targeted at stopping believers from precious things the Lord has for them. 

The choice of heaven is at your disposal! Make the right choice today and you will never regret it.

For further reading: Heb.11:10; Rev. 21:2,14; John 3:3,5,7; Heb. 11:10; 2Peter 3:10; Psalm 146:3; Col.3:2-3; Rev.16:21-23; Gen. 19:26.

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