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Overcomers in a troubled world


The world in which we live in is full of myriads of troubles, such that people do not know where and who to run to. Fear has gripped the heart of many because of uncertainty that hovers over the whole world. In the history of man’s existence, no such period had ever been. This kind of situation couldn’t have been captured in the slightest of man’s sharpest imagination. Science and technology seemed to have failed to decipher and proffer solution to the world’s most challenging time.

In such a time like this, can there be overcomers who will stand tall and lift up banners of victory? The answer is in affirmative in the text above. It is only those that are born of God by salvation and not by mere profession or confirmation by a minister. Overcomers are those who are born of the spirit and not of the flesh. They are the people that can stand bold and unhurt in the midst of troubles that have fallen on ‘those that dwell upon the earth’. Water baptism of any kind does not qualify or make anyone an overcomer. Churchgoers who still live and enjoy their sins may not be able to stand the world’s raging storms .


This is a time ministers of the gospel should boldly rebuke and reprove their congregations of their sins before they perish and go to hell. It is time for people to ask themselves vital questions that bother on eternity. As you read this piece today, the questions that point the way forward are: Are you sure you are born again? Have you been reproved of sins before? Have you been washed in the blood of Jesus? Have you laid prostrate at the feet of Calvary asking for forgiveness of sin as a wretched man? There must be definite answers and resolve to the above posers today.

The faith, as seen in our text today, is not talking about faith to receive healing and other miracles, but saving faith from sins through Jesus Christ. These are the people that can overcome the world and all the afflictions it has brought to its inhabitants. Sadly enough, it is very difficult to find in the church ‘he’ that overcomes the world. This is predicated on the fact that the church is replete with leaders of various calibre without having saving faith. A pastor or a leader that joins a pregnant lady with a man in marriage in the house of God cannot be said to have a saving faith. This is the reason ‘he’ is lacking among supposed Christians.


Filthiness has driven away “he that overcomes the world” from the Church. Immoral pastors and members that defile themselves cannot overcome the world. 

The Church that is expected to be a place of holiness, righteousness and edification, has turned the opposite direction and that is why “he” is lacking and the church is defeated and cannot stand to overcome the world, which ordinarily was given to them to dominate. 

The world has come to its wit’s end and is now seeking for overcomers but the church appears helpless. The world needs overcomers who can challenge the devil and chase him away.

An overcomer should live an impeccable and saintly life, so he can boldly ask, “Can any of you convict me of any sin?” It is only a saving faith in Christ Jesus that can guarantee this uncommon boldness. Strive to be an overcomer in these last days.

For further reading: John 3:5; 15:3;13:3-5;16:7-14.

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