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Peace on every side

By Prophet O. Azuka
04 April 2021   |   3:01 am
Obviously, war precedes peace. There is no peace without an intense and sustained battle. The Peace we enjoy today as believers came from Jesus Christ.


Text: Isaiah 9:6-7

Obviously, war precedes peace. There is no peace without an intense and sustained battle. The Peace we enjoy today as believers came from Jesus Christ. Jesus did not become a worthy Son on a platter of gold; He fought series of battles: He started the battle at His birth with the wise men. The battle took Him out of the place of His birth when King Herod declared war against Him and killed all the male children born in the land of Israel.

The war raged fiercely until He went to the Calvary to secure eternal victory for man. What culminated into His death, was also a battle between Him and one of His best friends, Judas Iscariot who betrayed Him. He fought with His best friend who denied Him three times. He fought with Pilate. In fact, He fought the cruelest battle on earth but won the victory when He gave the devil a technical knock out on the Cross and defeated the power of the grave. He shattered into pieces the gate of hell and triumph victoriously.

When the voice of victory echoed, the enemy challenged, until God introduced His Supreme identity as the “Lord of Host” and the gate opened in one accord ushering in the King of kings. This heralded His resurrection from death. This sealed up the victory and secured peace for believers. Thereafter, He ascended to heaven and sat at the right throne of power. Revalationally, His blood was sprinkled on the Judgment Seat and turned it to Mercy Seat wherein, sinners can now come boldly to the throne of grace for salvation.

Jesus was a Hero even at death; He used His blood to sanitise His altar from wolves and evil shepherds that have hitherto defiled the sacred altar of God. But God has risen to fight the wicked enemies, those who trampled down the righteous blood of Jesus. Before now, the church of God had been turned to business centres where destinies were being transacted. But today, new species have risen to stop the mouth of lions. Time has come for false prophets and prophetesses who only prophesy to their victims about their phone numbers and colours of their underwear to go out of ‘business. No one needs such prophecies! Prophecies are meant to unravel mysteries and proffer solutions to people’s problems.

The saints are here to celebrate the victory Jesus Christ secured for them. This is because we are complete in Him who is the Head of all principalities and power (Col. 2:10). Christ has made His saint’s heads over all principalities and power. This privilege can only be sustained by righteousness. A sinner cannot enjoy this privilege. In fact, sin takes away this peace and privileges. No one exercises this right while still a sinner. There must be a total breakout from sin and all its appearances.

Still in the euphoria of celebration, it is pertinent to point out that we are here to celebrate the dethronement of satan and announce to the whole world that satan is no longer the god of this world; we are here to celebrate the righteousness and the victory of Christ; we are here to celebrate and announce to the world that we are now the gods of this world; we are here to celebrate that the gate of hell cannot prevail against the church of Christ anymore! (Matt. 16:18).

It behooves every believer to do everything within his power to retain this peace and the victory Christ gave to His church.

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