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Text: John 7:37-39

Jesus Christ spoke about His power the last day of the great feast. He knew what His audience needed at that particular point. He understood that without power, little or nothing could be achieved in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The ‘rivers of water’ as portrayed in the text, typifies the power of the Holy Ghost that will assist believers to overcome and shine in the darkness of this world.

Our focus is on power and not mere speaking in tongues. This is because tongues have been abused in so many churches. Some of those tongues are actually demonic tongues; they are worthless tongues, empty and bereft of God’s power. It is sad to note that there is no power of God in today’s Christianity. Many Churches around the globe have resorted to self-management and demonic practices in quest of power because there is no will power to sincerely seek for the real power of God in prayer. Little wonder why witches and wizards thrive and operate in churches unrestrained without the minister in charge taking note of their activities. 
The apostles of Jesus Christ are practical examples of the demonstration of God’s power. They healed the sick and raised the dead. Many miracles were done during their time. Our contemporary churches and ministers are in sharp contrast with the early church. They deceive and make merchandise of their congregations in false manifestations of God’s power. The fact is that the power of God is lacking in their assemblies. The ministers of God, who are supposed to showcase the power of God, are rather busy with mundane things of this world and never spend their time in the room of prayer in search of God’s power.

Surprisingly, some churches do not know so much as the power of the Holy Ghost. In fact, some of them preach and teach about the Holy Ghost without experiencing it in their lives. They are like the seven sons of sceva who were shamefully beaten and disgraced by demons. Devil does not have respect for a Christian who is shallow and empty of God’s power.

There is so much work to be done in the kingdom of God. This is the reason why Jesus Christ poured out His Holy Spirit upon His church so they can change negative narratives. The stories of defeat and unfruitfulness encounter in ministry among Christians is as a result of the absence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. The empowerment through the Holy Spirit will assist a Christian surmount obstacles and difficulties in life.
To access divine wealth and attract the blessings of God, the Holy Spirit is the key. No one can attain any height in the Kingdom’s wealth in the realm of the spirit and bring it down to reality without the instrumentality of the Holy Ghost. Victory and success cannot be retained without the power of the Holy Spirit.
The field has ripen for harvest but only those who have the power of the Holy Ghost can violently go to the den of the enemies and snatch out sinners from their hands. 

For further reading: Luke 4:1; Mt. 26:45-46; Jn 18:4-6;Acts 3:1; 5:29; 5:1-11; 6:3-7; 8:4-8, 39; 932; 10:3; 12: 5-11,21; 13:6-12; 14:8-11; 17:6; 19:11; Lev. 23:33
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