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Powers against wicked horns – Part 2



Text: Ps. 75:10; ZecH. 1:17-20

These satanic horns scatter babies in the womb and cause miscarriages. I know of a lady who had 12 pregnancies in eight years and none stayed. She was always having miscarriages. Whenever the pregnancy gets to three or four months, in her dream she would either see a red clothe, a dead baby or someone sitting on her stomach.

Immediately she wakes up she would bleed and ended up losing the pregnancy. Another thing they scatter is relationships. When the relationship gets to the peak of marriage, it suddenly gets broken. I know of a sister who sewed seven wedding gowns.


Among the seven men, two of them died, one became paralysed while the remaining four changed their mind when it got to the stage of marriage and left. The powers fighting her said they won’t allow her get married hence they would kill or render any man in her life useless.

Anytime she is in a relationship they always scatter it but God intervened and set her free. Today, she is happily married with kids. These horns are also responsible for fragmentation of destinies. Some people’s destinies are scattered as seen in Ezekiel 37. The Bible says the valley was filled with dry bones and these bones were separated from their parts. When Ezekiel prophesied the bones began to locate their parts.

I pray for you, wherever they have scattered your destiny, I command them to gather together in Jesus name.

This horn of the wicked prevents its victims from lifting up their heads by taking away their confidence. A man who has no confidence in himself suffers inferiority complex all the time. They can also make a man to bend his head in shame and disgrace.

One thing that can bring the biggest disgrace to a man is poverty. Poverty is the only thing that can make a man dodge his landlord or people he is indebted to, in order to avoid embarrassment because when he is confronted and disgraced, he will leave their presence bowing his head in shame.

Again, these horns scatter people’s finances. A man will be working and earning good income yet he will not see what he is doing with his money.


Some years back, when I was a bachelor, there was a friend of mine who was working in a big oil firm. His monthly income was N500,000 before it gets to the end of the month he had already exhausted the money and would borrow from others. He was always in debt. He couldn’t even ascertain what he did with his salary.

One day, I sat him down and we started tracing where the problem was coming from. I found out that was that it was an inherited pattern. His father worked hard but had nothing to show for it, not even a house was built in his name. His father would have been a multi millionaire but whenever he gathered money, something always scattered it.

The satanic horn was operational in his linage. Finally, the horn of the wicked is responsible for destroying a man’s star. In Daniel 8:10, the horn went forth to hold and tamper with the star.

The way out is for you to be born again, you must be determined for a change, you must confront the powers in warfare prayers and lastly, you must be violent in your prayers and kill the priests/evil agents that are on the evil altars using the wicked horn against your life.


Prayer Points
• Every horn of the wicked, attacking my star, scatter in the name of Jesus.

• My father!! Any of my glory or destiny locked in a bottle; I command that bottle to explode by fire!

• My father!! Arise, visit me in my sleep tonight by fire!

• My father!! Every illegal marriage to a spirit spouse or to an idol or a goddess in the water that is giving satanic horns power over my life, o ye, illegal marriage, what are you waiting for? Break

• My father!!! Every poverty in my life sponsored by the satanic horn of my father’s house, what are you waiting for? Expire.

• O my marriage, destiny, health, spirit, what are you doing in the camp of the wicked? I command you to escape by fire.
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