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Prayer: The song of my soul

By Prophet O. Azuka
01 August 2021   |   3:33 am
Prayer is the life of a Christian. Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre stands on three prongs, namely, holiness, prayer and evangelism.


Prayer is the life of a Christian. Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre stands on three prongs, namely, holiness, prayer and evangelism. It is prayer that strengthens the other prongs in the list. No one can live a holy life without prayer. Prayer is synonymous with holiness, as both are dependent upon each other. This shows how important prayer is. Prayer is the oxygen a believer breathes and holiness is the life a believer lives, while evangelism is the duty we owe God. These three are so important to God, and a Christian must be conscious he does not live contrary to the above.

A church or an individual that loses holiness is gone. This is the reason why prayer must not be optional but a priority, as it strengthens holiness and links every other spiritual virtue in the life of a believer. Prayer is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry! It is exclusively for believers who have repented and washed in the blood of Jesus. Worship, praise and prayer go together. One can pray without receiving answers, but no one ever praise and worship without bringing down God’s presence to any situation.

However, God is not desperate to accept worship or praise from a polluted and defiled heart. God frowns at sin and He cannot accept worship and prayer of sinners. Worship, praise and prayer are intertwined and inseparable. Therefore, God pays attention to worship of prayer that proceed from a holy heart. Worship is a spiritual sacrifice that should be rendered unto God. It is exclusive reserve of God. This is why a worshipper must carefully choose the songs he sings to the Lord. Again, those who worship, sing or play instruments in the church must be born again and holy before they can sing or play unto the Lord. Contrarily, however, churches today are flooded with musicians who carry dreadlocks and are never born again. God abhors such worship and no prayer in such atmosphere will be accepted by Him.

As a church, we must worship God in the beauty of His holiness. It’s a duty expected of a born again Christian, as part of our prayer to the Almighty God. However, we cannot worship God with divided attention. God is a jealous God, Who cannot share His glory with any man. We are to worship God with all we have. Abraham worshipped God with all that he had. He sacrificed his only son, Isaac as part of his worship to God. Such sacrifice and worship is not wasted, rather it attracts open doors and divine blessings.

Time of worship is a sacred moment of godly reverence and fear. Therefore, the time devoted to worship God must be done in spirit and truth. This unique worship and prayer come with thanksgiving to the Lord. It is not all the time that request and petitions are tabled before the Lord. A close look at the scriptures reveals this form of prayer that brings down the hand of God. Unfortunately, some approach the court of prayer with regular confessions of sins and petitions without Thanksgiving to God. Such people go out of God’s presence without receiving anything, because they have turned themselves into beggars rather than bona-fide sons and daughters of God, who are entitled to all the blessings of their Heavenly Father.

In praise and worship, battles are fought and won. Needs are supplied and burdens are rolled away. If Christians will inculcate this kind of prayer, warfare becomes simple and easy. However, Christians are impatient to adopt this kind of prayer worship. They are too much in a hurry to pour out their hearts to the Lord in tears, forgetting the goodness of God that will ordinarily attract worship and praises to Him by believers.

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