Wednesday, 8th December 2021
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Primate Henry Ndukuba’s new year message

Brethren God has graciously taken us from 2020 into 2021. And when we consider 2020, it was a year never witnessed in the world; the year of the pandemic, devastation, disaster, pain, fear, and uncertainties. Yet, it was a year that God manifested that this world belongs to Him and a year He showed us…

Brethren God has graciously taken us from 2020 into 2021. And when we consider 2020, it was a year never witnessed in the world; the year of the pandemic, devastation, disaster, pain, fear, and uncertainties.

Yet, it was a year that God manifested that this world belongs to Him and a year He showed us mercy and also helped us. The tendency is for people to project into 2021, what they had experienced in 2020, but God gave us times and seasons so that He can start afresh with us.

I waited upon the Lord for what He is saying to the church, the nation, and me. The word of the Lord to us is that 2021 shall be our year of divine completeness, God’s restoration, move, and power, and whatever God does is perfect. He is the only one that is good and perfect and in Him, all perfection flows. God is never God of half-measures and whatever He begins He will surely bring to completion. The word completeness has to do with fullness, perfectness, fulfillment, accomplishments, or, indeed, to bring through a process to a set goal and end. God will bring into completion His own plan and purpose, He will fight our battles, but in it all, He will bring us into glory and increasing and maturing in knowing and working with Him. I believe that in this year 2021, God, in the double and triple fold, will complete whatever He has promised and purposed for each and every one of us. Yet, this year will come with its own challenges and sadness. But in it, all, know that God will work in each situation to bring to pass what He has purposed for you…

As we ponder at what the Lord is bringing to us, let me inform us that 2021 will be strategic for our nation Nigeria.

In the first place, politically, every politician should know that this is a year of strategising. If you miss 2021, just forget your political career; don’t think that it will just happen. This is the year to plan, do all your scheming so that by 2023, you will harvest. Indeed, the political landscape will receive reshaping.

Economically, challenges still lie there. The impact and tremor of insecurity will surely impact this nation, economically, socially, and otherwise. Except the leadership takes the political will to do what they ought to do, it will be very challenging. Nigeria has wonderful policies, but until we start implementing them, it will be very difficult for us. Because God is taking us through a process, Nigeria will not collapse. God will uphold us. Indeed, even in our inabilities and failures, God shall turn them into stepping-stones.

There shall be a turnaround for our nation, families, individuals, as we anchor into what God wants to do in our lives. God is going to bring a great transformation. In the Church of God, the door of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ will be opened because the times and challenges walking through last year unto this year have tested the world’s materialistic agenda and all have come to vanity upon vanity. Those who held unto their human will and philosophies, there would be proof that the only thing that survives will is the completeness in Christ Jesus. If you lose Christ, you have lost all, and therefore, there shall be a harvest of souls, restoration for our souls, salvation for as many as will look unto the Lord. There will be restored for our health and medical breakthroughs. Restoration of possessions, family, peace, wealth, positions that the enemy has stolen from you. This year the Lord says, pursue, overtake, and we will without fail recover all. But the greatest joy is that there will be a complete assurance of our eternal destiny. When all is over, we shall be with Him eternally.

Brethren, because of what the Lord has purposed to do in our lives; that is why He is bringing these words of perfect completeness through His worthy power. If you look at the passage 1Sam 30:9, you see that David, when pursued by King Saul, went into the Philistines territory and made friends with them and was given a town, Ziklag. To please the Philistines and to cement the friendship, David volunteered to fight for them in a battle. But the Philistines did not trust him, so, he had to disengage. While he was trying to please Achis of Philistines, the enemies attacked Ziklag, but David encouraged himself in the Lord. You might have encountered different challenges, but refuse to give up. Draw strength from the Lord. By consulting God first, David showed he was a man that was completely dependent on God. If he had inquired and God said no, David would not have gone. May we set our heart to seek this God, to depend on Him, even when it is so difficult and looks impossible, may it be that we will be obedient.

David asked, can we get out of this problem? Shall we pursue those who raided us? Shall we overcome and be able to recover what was damaged or lost? Brethren, do not assume that you know. For every matter, inquire from the Lord; even the one you feel you know the answer. God takes pleasure; He is waiting for us to ask Him. And in things both great and small, there is a reward from the Lord. In a time of challenges, what will comfort you is a word from the Master. God said; pursue for you shall surely, my brother and sister, overcome. No matter what may be the stronghold or people might have told you that it is impossible, just pursue. To pursue is to identify and follow diligently until you have possessed.

Do not give up until you have possessed. If it is the will of God, He will bring it to pass. Because when God does anything, it is perfect. When He gives joy, it is joy unspeakable. Even amid anarchy, when God says I am with you, He is with you. Your battles are not about you; they are about what God can do.

This year, God will take us through processes; mine will be different from yours, but just follow Him. God may give you surprises you never expected. Help will come from the most obscure and unexpected person. God will give you a testimony of just like that. You won’t be able to tell how it happened. Watch out, God will surely appear for your help. This is the year that God will perfect all that He has purposed for our lives, families, His church, and our nation. When He is finished with us, we will look back and say there is nothing remaining.

I am believing who drew the map of Nigeria, even before it became a nation, who has bound the tribes of Nigeria together and has brought us this far. He is taking us somewhere and 2021 shall be strategic for what He wants to do.

As in Jeremiah 1, God is saying do not be afraid of whatever may come near you this year, for I am with you to deliver you, says the Lord. May his hand be mighty upon us, Amen!

Henry Ndukuba is a Primate of the Church of Nigeria.