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Restore my hope

By Rev.Dr. Israel Kristilere
10 October 2021   |   2:56 am
The story of the widow of Nain recorded in Luke Chapter 7:11-17 is a replica of what goes on in many lives today. The passage could be examined from many angles. But let us consider the passage


Text: Luke 7:11-17

The story of the widow of Nain recorded in Luke Chapter 7:11-17 is a replica of what goes on in many lives today. The passage could be examined from many angles. But let us consider the passage from the angle of hope that was restored. The topic, therefore is, “Restore My Hope.” I don’t know what hopeless situation you are passing through. But I see the Lord restore your hope. Amen.

The City Called Nain
This city was in Galilee, at the boundaries of the tribe of Issachar. It was about two miles south of Mount Tabor, and not far from Capernaum. The city is now a small village inhabited by Jews, Muslims, and Christians and in keeping with this historic incident that renders the city dear to Christians, its only antiquities are tombs that are situated mainly on the east of the village, and it was in that direction, I believe the widow’s son was being carried on that memorable occasion. 

The widow whose hope was knocked out
According to our text, in this unique city lived a widow. To be a widow means that the husband, the breadwinner and provider had died. Possibly, all the woman’s hope now rested on this only son, whom she believed when he grew up would bring better days. But suddenly, something happened and the boy died. Since the Bible did not tell us what killed the boy, it gives us the opportunity to consider various possibilities— sickness, principalities, accident, etc.

To be a widow is trouble enough. To lose only and son on whom her hope rested was too much. The Bible says a large crowd from the city was with her (12). To me, this means she was popular and her predicament was the talk of town. I also believe that, just as there were undertakers and mourners, there were also mockers and jesters. Therefore, the judgment of enemies or mockers will surely compound her sorrow. But Jesus restored her hope. Get ready for an experience that will restore your hope.

The Saviour Whose Hand is mighty
No doubt, there are many evils in our world. They are so numerous that unless the mighty Hand of God steps in, they are strong enough to weigh any man down. But in the midst of your troubles and afflictions, be reminded that you are not alone. Jesus is getting ready to step into your case. He is the hope of the hopeless and the help of the helpless. He is also the Friend of sinners. Jesus will step into your case today and you will have testimonies. May the Lord’s compassion overwhelm you today. Just as He said to her, weep not, whatever is making you weep either silently or openly, I can hear the Lord saying, weep not. Will you believe Jesus today? He touched the open coffin and commanded the young man to arise. (14) And so he did. You also shall arise out of your predicament to life, to greatness, to glory, to prosperity, to power, to promotion, to healing, to fruitfulness, provision, marital life, etc, in Jesus name. Amen.

The story of this restoration concludes with Jesus presenting the young man back to the widow. (15) This young man was taken out for burial, but our Lord Jesus Christ met the funeral procession. Shepherdhill Baptist Church

I believe this is not just a “coincidence,” as some sceptics call it, but “divine providence.” He met the dead man before the place of sepulcher/burial/tomb was reached. A little later and he would have been buried. A little earlier and he would have been at home lying in the darkened room, and no one might have called the Lord’s attention to him. The Lord knows how to arrange all things. His interventions are true to the tick of the clock. So, He will restore your hope. Shalom.

Shepherdhill Baptist Church (Sanctuary of Grace & Glory), Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos.

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