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Stepping out of natural into supernatural – Part 2


Rev. Theodore Effiong

Namely, the disciples and followers of Jesus Christ. All were potentially great men of God, yet they were bound and limited by fear, unable to step out beyond the confines of their boat.

Today, many followers remain prisoners in the natural realm, limited by being in various boats of life. The boat the disciples were in can represent many things seen today.

• The boat of professionalism
These men were professional fishermen and sailors. They had all the experience and know how to get that boat out of the storm to a safe shore. They knew all the sailing techniques, and were well trained.

As such, they were not willing to risk the relatively safe confines of what they already knew, or what they had always been doing, and step out into the unknown. Are they ready to leave their studies of hermeneutics, homiletics, apologetics and the like? They have become skilled in these arts, bagging both Masters and Doctorate degrees in various endeavours. However, the truth remains that no man can begin to experience the supernatural, except he be willing to forsake the natural.

• The boat traditional ceremonial worship
Many in this boat are satisfied with their quaint little rituals, liturgies and ceremonies. Many likewise have become masters of the church programme, their forms and ways of worship. They know exactly how it is to be arranged Sunday after Sunday, month after month, year after year.

Anything contrary to the arrangement is tantamount to rocking their nice easy-going traditional boat, which they are not ready to accept. Before anyone can operate in the supernatural, no two ways about it, their codes of behaviour will be broken.

• The boat of denominationalism
Stepping out into the realms of the supernatural cannot be achieved without causing quite a stir within the denomination. And the farther one steps out, the greater the stir and the greater the rift.

Every church group embraces and gives a right hand of fellowship to that which corresponds with its own beliefs and ways. But a man who steps out into the supernatural soon becomes a controversial figure. Because of his actions, many of the settled opinions, doctrines, tenets and even church policies may no longer hold water.

When a man steps forward into the realms of the supernatural, these things will come under question and under fire, normally resulting in the person concerned being thrown overboard or being forced back to comply with the norms of that denomination.

• The Boat OF Over Engagement
It is quite impossible for anyone to operate in the realms of the supernatural, when already they are lumbered and tied down with so many posts and responsibilities here, there and everywhere.

When you are the secretary of this union, the chairman of the other and the treasurer of another, with commitments to church, family, and community, then how can you carry out all of these assignments and also carry the power of God at the same time? There is a need for all the unnecessary burdens and the overcrowded schedules to be slashed. For no one can carry all of these loads and successfully climb out of the boat. If you try it, you will sink to the bottom of the sea like a lead!

Is it possible for a man called into full-time ministry to carry a Bible in one hand and his business briefcase in the other? Such a preacher may have money and contracts, drive cars and build houses, but he will never operate in the realms of the supernatural that God has ordained for him. It is unfortunate that many have become satisfied and contented with the rewards of the natural. Nevertheless, it is always at the expense of the supernatural.

• The boat of carnal and fleshly reactions
Here was a boat full of disciples all battling to weather the storm. I can picture them all hot and bothered, all at the end of their tether, full of disagreement, arguments and criticism.

Coupled with this were the anger, jealousy and envy they had towards Peter, first of all for deserting them and leaving the boat when they needed him most, and secondly, for actually succeeding in doing what they could not do.

As long as one is still operating by fleshly impulses, living a life of rising and falling in Christianity or having a sinful lifestyle, it is impossible to step out into the realms of the supernatural.

Rev. Theodore Effiong,
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