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Symptoms of a caged destiny – Part 1



The word destiny simply means the purpose of God for your life. It can also refer to God’s plan for your future. It is what you are ordained to do or be in the future. It is your mapped out destination in life. Every man born into this world has a purpose and thus a destiny bequeathed him by the Creator.

Psalm 40:7 says, “Lo, I come in the volume of the book, it is written of me”. What the writer of this scripture means is that ever before he surfaced on earth, a book was already written of him and the book was in Chapters and verses and that was his destiny.

In Matt.26: 24a “Jesus declared, “The Son of man goeth as it is written of him.” This statement implies that Jesus was playing out that prewritten script of His life, from one verse to another and from one chapter to the next until the last page was acted…, that is destiny fulfilled.


It is worthy of note that the enemy’s evil mandate is to ensure that one does not fulfil his destiny. In other words, the enemy tries everything possible to encage a man, thus placing a limitation on his achievement in life. Such encagement is usually manifested through various signs. The first symptom of a caged destiny is near success syndrome: This is also referred to as the spirit of Pisga. You find yourself always almost getting a breakthrough but suddenly you lose it. You almost got a job but at the last stage of interview, you were disqualified. You almost got married but just at the final stage of preparation you suffer disappointment. You got pregnant, but just a few week later, you suffered miscarriage. You see success but never enter into it. Nothing you do in life seems to work out. All your labour is fruitless. By the power of God, that nonsense is coming to an end in your life in Jesus name.

The second one is war at the edge of breakthrough: This occurs when nothing comes so easy for you. Every stage of life comes so tough, even while people are having a smooth ride through. It is war for you to go to school, war to get a job, war to get married, another battle to get children and even pay their school fees and meeting with other basic needs of life. 1 Chronicles 4:9 tells us that Jabez was an honourable man, which means he was respected, had integrity and was in right standing with God. But he was poor, limited and had a caged destiny. This explained what Jabez was going through. His life was full of unusual struggles. There is always a war to fight before you can move from one stage to another. You work like an elephant but eat like an ant. This causes setback in life. I prophesy to you, every stage of life from today shall become an easy ride for you in Jesus name.

The third one is strange dreams: It is a very good sign to show one is experiencing a caged destiny. Such caged dreams include seeing yourself very great and travelling all over the world yet in the physical, you don’t even own a bicycle. Sometimes you see yourself in your place of birth or the market square of your village. Some others see themselves putting on school uniform and writing an examination that they never finish, even after they have long graduated.

I prophesy to you, whoever has caged your destiny will be destroyed by fire and your destiny.

• Powers holding my destiny or glory, release them now and die!
• Every wicked power roaming about unchallenged in my life, in the name of Jesus, catch Fire!
• Any problem in my life introduced by the witchcraft power of my father’s house, die!
• Eagle of my destiny, hear the word of the lord, begin to soar by fire!
• Every witchcraft bird flying in the night because of me, I fire you down with the arrow of fire!
• Anti-progress arrow fired into my life, get out now in Jesus name.

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Rev. John Okene
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