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Symptoms of a caged destiny – Part 2



In part one of this series, we saw what it means when a destiny is caged, as well as some symptoms of caged destiny. Today, we will look at the other signs of caged destiny: The fourth one is strange sickness. How do you explain the case of a seven (7) year old child suffering from high blood pressure or a woman who is HIV positive and has been sleeping with her husband for couple of years yet he is not infected.

In some cases, medical science is even not able to diagnose the condition and often times, medical personnel admit it is a spiritual case. Another common symptom among men, yet greatly over looked is strange habits: These include uncontrollable smoking, drunkenness, prostitution and other vices that could vandalise one’s destiny thus causing limitations in life. Other symptoms are, when helpers turn their back on you, being denied/deprived of your rightful possession or position; nothing stays or lasts in your hand.

It is very essential also to know the root cause of this, if such destinies must be reclaimed. Some of the causes include strange name: What is the meaning of your name? Some people are named after an idol or a market day. No amount of labour in life will make such people fulfil destiny in life. Jabez means sorrow and so his life was full of sorrows until he prayed. Jacob’s name was changed from “supplanter” to a “prince with God” (Israel) before the father’s blessing upon his head could yield result. The second cause is evil dedication: Many people have been dedicated either at birth or a point in life to an idol or a strongman who claims ownership over them. Consequently, they are limited to the dictates of such deity. A man dedicated his six daughters and married them out in the coven. For so many years, none of them could get married.


One of my sons wanted to marry the last of the six girls, but the father was reluctant and tactically delayed his response. When he finally agreed, he made things so difficult for the young man. My son called on me and I prayed with him. Right there, the man accepted everything and the marriage went smoothly and easy. Soon after the dowry was paid, the father-in-law confessed of tying down his daughters’ destinies, and he died right there.I decree that anyone responsible for your situation will confess and let you go by fire. If they refuse to repent, the judgment of God will come upon them by fire.

Curses: could also be responsible for a caged destiny. In Gen, 49:3-4, Reuben was cursed and thus deprived of his birthright. But in Deut. 33:6 Moses stood and reversed the curse. A curse was also placed on Jabez by implication of his name and circumstances of his birth. An evil family altar could be another cause. When there is one operating in your family, you are automatically connected to it even without going there. Finally, it could be a result of placenta bondage: Some families are known to specially preserve the placenta of everyone born into that family. Some bury it under a family tree and this can lead to a caged destiny.

The following are ways you can be set free. Firstly, you must surrender your life to Christ and you must be sure of your salvation birth. Secondly, you must repent from any sin you always find yourself committing. Thirdly, you must cry to God to open your eyes to know the root cause of your problem, so that you can pray with understanding. Fourthly, engage in warfare prayers, so as to un-cage your destiny by force.
Prayer Points
• I pull out my destiny from every evil control in Jesus name.
• Yoke of the oppressor in my life, in the name of Jesus, break!
• Every evil personality that will not leave my matter alone, in the name of Jesus, die!
• Every spiritual manipulation against my glory, expire by fire!
• All roadblocks and impediments to the fulfilment of my greatness or destiny, in the name of Jesus, scatter by fire!
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.

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