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Symptoms of witchcraft attacks – Part I



Text: 1 Kings 19:1-4; 2 Kings 9:22
One of the most deadly and destructive powers the devil uses against humanity is witchcraft. Witchcraft is not the most powerful among them but it’s the most destructive. Witchcraft specialises in manipulation, control and death. Anytime you see manipulation, behind the scene is a witchcraft attack. They don’t come out openly to attack you, they hide under a veil so that you can’t identify them.

Some might even be your close friend or relative that you share your problems with. There is a story of a sister who was under the siege of witchcraft attack and was unaware that her best friend was behind it. Whenever she was pregnant, during the first trimester, she would see in her dream, a cow with two large horns hit her tummy. When she wakes up in the morning, she would experience a miscarriage. This continued for a long period and she ended up losing eight pregnancies. She had a best friend who was also her prayer partner and she shared all her secrets with her unknowing to her that the friend was the one behind her problems. She got tired one day and embarked on daily personal warfare prayers, “calling the rock of ages to fight for her.” After a while, she took in again and as usual told her friend who held her hands and prayed that she will not lose this pregnancy. She even decreed that whosoever was responsible for the previous miscarriages will die. That same night, she had the same dream and immediately the cow appeared and wanted to attack her, she became paralysed and helpless. Suddenly, she remembered and shouted “rock of ages fight for me.” Immediately, a rock appeared and stood before her and as the cow made an attempt to attack her, the rock broke its head and the horns. She woke up and for the first time she didn’t bleed. In the morning, she went to the friend’s house to share the good news with her but was told that the friend was dead, that she fell and broke her neck in the night. It then dawned on her that her best friend and prayer partner was responsible for her problem.

Witchcraft hides behind the veil to perpetrate evil. They are very wicked and when they initiate their victims, they command them to kill and sacrifice their loved ones. Whenever they are in need of blood, they can kill anyone available to fulfill their quest. There was a particular brother that witchcraft powers worked on and he started seeing road as river and river as road. He was always involved in road accidents. He shared his experience that whenever he is driving, all of a sudden he would see a river ahead of him and a voice will tell him to drive to the other side of the lane in order to avoid the river. He will start driving to the lane, he thought is the road, meanwhile, he is actually driving from the right lane to the wrong lane knocking down every person and objects along the way. He was already involved in fourteen road accidents before he came for our deliverance programme. After his deliverance, that nonsense came to an end in his life.

There are three ruler spirits that operate in a family. The first one is called the principality. He is the head and the strongman in the family. He could be the family idol or a python. He is the one that keeps the family in bondage as well as responsible for evil pattern in the family. The second one is the familiar spirit, which is the monitoring spirit. They are the information officers, they know the history of the family and keep all record of events in the family. Witch doctors use the familiar spirit to manipulate and cause confusion in the life of their victims. The third one is witchcraft. Witchcraft is a manipulator. They manipulate and control their victim to do what they want. May every witchcraft operation in your life expire today in Jesus name.

Prayer Points
• Powers holding my destiny or glory, release them now and die!
• Every wicked power roaming about unchallenged in my life, in the name of Jesus, catch Fire!
• Powers of the night, I am not your candidate, die!
• Any problem in my life introduced by the witchcraft power of my father’s house, die!
• Powers stealing from me while I am asleep, in the name of Jesus, die!
• Every witchcraft bird flying in the night because of me, I fire you down with the arrow of fire!
• Anti-progress arrow fired into my life, get out now in Jesus name.

Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State.
Whatsapp Line: +2348135952623

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