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The Angel of the Covenant – Part 2


It is clear here that Jehovah and this angel have special relationship of oneness, just like Jesus saying in the New Testament, “I and My father are one.”(John 10:30)

C. Yet Distinct from God the Father, the speaker. The phrase “I send,” looks similar to that of John 5:30 in the New Testament, “The Father which sent me.” (John 5:23, 36, 37,6:39,44,57, 8:16,18 etc.)
II. An Angel With Divine Assignment –vs 20.

The main assignment of this angel was to conduct the covenant people to the fulfilment of God’s covenant, taking them to the Promised Land. This, He would do by way of providence and redemption.

a) Providence. “To keep thee in the way.” (20a) In the same way, Christ upholds all things by the word of His power and in Him all things consist. Generally and particularly, He preserves those who trust in Him (John 10:28).


b) Redemption. “To bring thee into the place which I have prepared.” (20b) Also, Christ’s eternal redemption is not complete until we reach Paradise and the last enemy is destroyed. (John 14:2-3). Without any doubt, the angel of the covenant here speaks of no one else but the Lord Jesus Christ. This is one of the Old Testament manifestations of God the Son.

(B) How To Relate With Him (21-22)
According to the passage, our proper attitude towards the Angel of the covenant is reverence and obedience.

1. Reverence. (21) This calls for carefulness not to displease Him. Christ is the Saviour of only those who believe in Him. Our pre-occupation must be to get His approval always. (2 Cor. 5:9-10)

2. Obedience. (22) “Obey His voice.” In the same way, the Father in the New Testament instructed us to obey Jesus, the Son. (Mat 17:5) This calls for trust in His person, submission to His authority and the prosecution of His commands. The greatest bane of our world is our lack of obedience to His voice. How many are the calamities we would have escaped, if could only listen to His voice.


According to our passage, the reward of proper relationship with the angel of the covenant is threefold. Firstly, He will be an enemy to our enemies and an adversary to our adversaries. (vs 22). This means He will identify and sympathise with our cause. Secondly, He will give us victory over our foes. (vs 23). With Him, we are more than conquerors over the world, flesh, devil and death. (Romans 8:37, 1Co 15:57) Thirdly, with Him, we shall land safely in our land of inheritance, the promised Paradise.

As believers in Christ, no matter what we go through in this world of wilderness, we have Jesus our angel of the covenant guiding us through the rough and tough terrains of life. The only condition is that we keep our side of the covenant in reverence and obedience to Him. He will see us through this turbulent period. Safe we are in His hands. Shalom.

Rev. Dr. Israel Kristilere, Shepherdhill Baptist Church, (Sanctuary of Grace & Glory), Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos.
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