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The arrows of the night – Part 2


John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

Text: Psalm 91:5-6; Matt 13:25-26

There are physical and spiritual arrows, both of which prosper most under the cover of the night and are capable of causing affliction and death to a victim. Different types of arrows exist and one of them is the gladiator arrow, which does not manifest instantly but goes step by step to gradually and silently destroy its victim.

The arrow undergoes a demonic latent period or gestation and at this time, there are no observable signs or features of its presence in the victim until it suddenly manifests like a Chinese bamboo. A lady had a dream some time ago that she was bitten on her left breast while breastfeeding a baby. She woke up with so much pain on that breast and on the 8th month, it had developed into a lump, which was diagnosed to be cancerous.


Again, she had another dream that someone slapped her and when she woke up, there was a pain in her right breast. It was at this point that she was brought to me for prayers. The lady never knew that arrows were being fired at her, but after the prayers and deliverance sessions I had with her, all the nonsense came to an end. The arrows could be from witchcraft, serpentine, marine or occult practitioners. It could also be from ancestral powers and they do it in different forms. They can use an effigy, which is an image representation of a person, a baby doll or picture. They speak to it and can even pierce it all over with a sharp object, while the victim is being afflicted physically. They can also use incantations, and whatever they say begins to happen to the victim.

A possessed teenage girl was brought to my office some years ago for deliverance. She had, through eye contact, poisoned a bottle of wine that was on my table. When I closed for the day and was just praising God for everything, the wine bottle exploded. God revealed to me what the little girl had done. May God cause you to go blind to every evil eye set to do you harm in Jesus name.


Arrows can manifest in their victims in different ways. They can manifest as strange afflictions. You can know this when you have tried all medical means to get solution to a sickness, yet it refuses to go. We can see this in the case of the woman with an issue of blood in Mk 5:25-30. She never got respite, until through faith she touched the hem of Jesus garment. A young man who was brought to me had suffered twenty years of Epilepsy attack until I prayed with him and he was set free. Another manifestation of strange arrows is untimely death, most of which come suddenly.

A young man “Br James” heard a loud voice call his name, just as he was about to take the marriage vows on his wedding day. Suddenly, he fell down, jerking and if not for timely intervention, he would have died. It was an arrow fired at him. A third manifestation of evil arrow is insanity. Every attempt made to cure or control the mad man in Mk 5:20 proved abortive, until he met Jesus the great deliverer. Again, we have arrow of confusion, which can cause friction in some marriages, ministries and organisations. We can see this in Act 15:30-41, causing Paul and Barnabas to part ways, just to destroy their ministry work. A couple separated just after two days of marriage. Another manifestation of evil arrows is loss of memory. This occurs often at exams and interviews. It can also cause character disorders, financial loss or strange heat and objects moving in the body. So many things can be responsible for the operation of these arrows in a man’s life. Some of them are sin, unprotected life without any form of spiritual coverage or when you are not serious. Again, when you lack fire in your spirit man and you have unforgiving spirit Col 3:9-13. In order to be free from these arrows, you must repent of your sins, get born again and be connected to grace. Live holy, so your life will not become a landing site for arrows. Finally, be spiritually alert and do a spiritual checkup as often as possible.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta Prayerline: +2348135952623


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