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The Church and leadership – Part 3


Etim Ekong

Looking back at the second part of the series, we can ask ourselves another critical question: how many of the men in our various congregations are truly temples in which the Holy Spirit dwells? We need to challenge ourselves, otherwise we would continue in illusion and ignobly fall from the Lord’s divine plan. Paul, while exhorting the brethren on how to renew their spiritual vitality in Hebrew 12:14 said, “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see God.” If anyone desires to be a “building block” in the BUILDING in which God will dwell, then that individual must comply with the building code, which is holiness, otherwise God will not be there.

Church members, pastors and leadership must, therefore, lay extreme emphasis on holiness, otherwise they cannot be part of the CHURCH without holiness which is the building code. These men must be taught to pursue the kingdom of God and its righteousness first and then faithfully await other things to follow (Matt.6: 33). Leadership must serve as a model for the followership, just as Jesus Christ is to us. In our contemporary society today, materialism has been so idolised and the Church appeared to have, at the expense of the doctrine of the Master, bought into it. Maybe there is an understatement here, but then some congregations are actually deep into the gospel of prosperity. What we are trying to do here is to identify the Church and set it apart from religious groups. If the basic principles taught by the Lord Jesus, including the doctrines, which are bible-based, are ignored or compromised, then that body is not the Church we are discussing. It was part of the many reasons Jesus died. This article is not averse to prosperity, because we know and believe what 2 Corinthians 8:9 says, “For you are recognising (more clearly) the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (His astonishing kindness, His generosity, His gracious favour), that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that by His poverty, you might become rich (abundantly blessed) amp. The biblical principle laid down by Christ in the scripture earlier quoted is that you first of all receive the gift of righteousness and thereafter true prosperity will follow. Let us look at holiness from the Calvary (Cross) principle and we passionately encourage every congregation to review their peculiar circumstances, adjust accordingly and ask the Holy Spirit to help them key into it in line with the mind of the Architect of the Church (JESUS CHRIST). The believer is baptised into Christ. He is crucified and in Him we all died. He resurrects from the dead and ascended into heaven. His crucifixion and subsequent death and the atoning power of the blood became acceptable offering to God for our sins. His resurrection now justifies us and made us that were sinners righteous. The word of God says we have now become the righteousness of God in Christ. In His righteousness, therefore, we are rich.


We, therefore, end this third part of the series by reiterating our definition of the Church: “The Church is, therefore, neither a building nor is it just a place of worship, but refers to the called-out, who by divine grace, are spiritually united with the living God through Christ, Who makes them holy through His holiness. Those who are called-out walk worthy of God under the countenance of His glory and, therefore, able to prevail against the gates of hell.” Does your congregation fit into the Church that Christ will present to God in the last day?

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