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The concept of setting time in the tabernacle



During my days in London, United Kingdom, before my return to Nigeria to pray for my country as instructed by the Almighty, certain events took place that chronicled the birth of my call. These happenings will eventually set the tone for all the mysterious things being witnessed throughout the existence of my ministry.

The Holy Spirit gave me the mandate to go about setting time for people over their problems and none of them failed. The minister of God I worshipped with at the Christ Apostolic Church in London, had difficulty with bringing the wife and children over to London to join him. After several trials and denials from the Immigrations for many years, I was directed by God to set a time period of three months for their miracle. But God went a step further to ensure that not only the wife, but their four children all got visas within two weeks, both wife and children flew in to London same day.

A certain taxi driver, who also worshipped at the same church, got stabbed by a Jamaican that refused to pay his taxi fare. To make matters worse, he was already afflicted with diabetes, which would make his healing from the stab wounds impossible, leading ultimately to death. The hospital gave him a discharge date of three months, but I declared that he would be out in three days, and to the surprise of everyone connected to him, he got discharged from the hospital in just three days and the stab wounds healed completely afterwards without complications. These are just two accounts from the plethora of signs and wonders God performed through time setting that culminated in my returning home for the birth of this peculiar ministry.


It is on the account of so many mind blowing testimonies witnessed in the tabernacle by sons and daughters of Zion, that God deemed it fit that a period of two weeks be used to praise Him in remembrance of how this ministry that has touched lives worldwide came about. Even I wouldn’t have envisaged the extent and manner of things God would later go on to do in the ministry, but He is faithful and merciful.

Beloved, I therefore, urge you to join in our celebration and fellowship with the children of Zion, to be a partaker of the heavenly covenant that offers solution to all shades of problems known to mankind. Sound teaching of the Bible and holiness are the pillars upon which the ministry is entrenched. Hence, it is vital to be born again and steadfastly live a life of purity to be able to identify with God in the tabernacle.

The perfection of the Call month is on Sunday, February 17, 2019. Join us for a rewarding time with our God that works with the hand of fire @ The Saints’ Gospel Church of Christ – Hand of Fire.
Shadow Tabernacle Close, Olowo-Ina Bus Stop, Igando, Lagos.
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