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The currency of life – Part 2


John Okene

Text: Isaiah 55:1; Isaiah 48:17

Time is a currency of life and just like money, which can be stolen, it can also be squandered. This means to spend thoughtless and extravagantly. Some persons at age 60 are still in search of a job because they wasted their youthful age without acquiring any academic qualification or vocational skill. Eccl. 12:1 says if you want to serve God, start early. A man in his 50s just gave his life to Christ and told me he wants to be a great man of God. That’s very good, I encouraged him but reminded him that it takes time to cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit for God to trust you well enough with the anointing. I was in a community in Delta State some time ago for a construction project and I lamented the deplorable state of the youths there. Many of them lived as community touts, whose mindset had been narrowed to the money they extort as a means of livelihood from business investors and individuals in their communities. This is commonly called “deve.” I told the youth president of the need to go to school so he can live a better life and redeem his wasted years. He took to my advice and even got sponsorship and job from one of the oil firms there. To the businessman, time is money. You can spend time wisely or foolishly. Also time can be redeemed, Eph. 5:16. What you do with your time today can deliver you on the day of evil. Finally, time can be devalued. You reduce the value of your life by who and what you spend your time with. Spend quality time on what moves you to your destiny.


The second currency of life is relationship. There are certain things that money can’t give you but relationship will. Relationship took Joseph to the palace in Gen. 40:1-13. A good relationship can give you good recommendation for greater things. Be careful how you handle relationship with people, value it and don’t kill it. God does not bless a man outside of relationship, He is the source while man is the resource. Naaman would have died a leper if not for a maid. Certain people enter your life to turn it around for good while some come to destroy. Learn to discern the good from the bad and appreciate and respect people for who they are. Those who became great understood the currency of relationship. Another currency of life is honour. It is a currency for access. What you dishonor, you can’t have access to. You can love and yet not honour. It is a privilege to have access to a person’s life but if you dishonor it, you have closed the door permanently. Honour is silent but has a voice and it shows up in different ways like the tone of your voice, your countenance, what you give and the way you give. If you want to prosper in ministry, never speak against other men of God. If you want promotion at work, then learn to honour your boss. What you don’t honor you can’t attract. Honour God in your giving and how you package it (Prv. 3:9). If you dishonor your pastor even in your closet, his prayer just might not work for you. Many have shut the door to their blessing because they don’t understand this currency. Value the differences in people, the way you talk to an elder should be different from the way you talk to your mates. We live in a world today where people have no regard for elders and many are dying untimely because of this. In Eph.6:1-3, we can purchase good health and longevity with the currency of honor. Understand the spiritual principles of honor, even Christ did it to John De Baptist in Matt. 3:13-17.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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