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The doctrine of the last prophet – Part 3


So, let me repeat it again. Jesus is speaking to His people today, under an arrangement different from that of the Old Testament. He is not speaking through Prophets, whether first or last. He is speaking through His voice, the five-fold ministries of which the prophetic ministry is just one. Let us remember that Jesus had the Holy Spirit without measure and therefore was able to stand in all these offices.

“FOR HE WHOM GOD HATH SENT SPEAKETH THE WORD OF GOD: FOR GOD GIVETH NOT THE SPIRIT BY MEASURE UNTO HIM” (John 3:34). Because He had the Spirit, not by measure, Jesus was able to stand in all the offices of the Apostle (Heb.3:1) the Prophet (Luke 4:24) the Evangelist (Luke 4:18); the Pastor (John 10:14) and the Teacher. (Matt.9:35)


He was the Last voice of God to natural Israel before God’s retributive judgment fell upon Israel in 70 .A.D (Luke 19:41- ­44). The Bible said He ascended and gave gifts to men (Eph. 4:8). He now gave the Spirit by measure to men, to stand in these various offices, to continue as the voice of God unto His people, spiritual Israel. In effect, the five-fold ministry is still the voice of God speaking to His people by His son, Jesus. Glory be to God!!

Until when will this arrangement last? The Bible supplies us with answers in verse 13 of Ephesians 4. Till we all (the whole Church) not the denominations; but the Church, the individual members of the spiritual body, (Eph.1:22-23); the individual living stones, (1 Peter 2;5) come in the unity of the faith, and the knowledge of the Son of God. Thank God, there is coming a day on this Earth when all genuine, heaven bounds saints will be united in the faith of the Word, and in the knowledge of who Jesus Christ is.


Please, note that I am not talking about the man-arranged and carnal unity that is being forced today by bringing together people of wide-ranging and different views and denominational beliefs. That is not the unity that Christ prayed for in John 17. What you see around today is the false unity of the devil. It is the spirit of the ecumenical council. I am talking about UNITY around the WORD.

The Lord Jesus prayed for it in John 17. We know the Father hears Him always. (John 11:42). So, we know the Father has heard that particular prayer and the answers to that prayer will yet be manifested in this earthly realm. But note that it will not be arranged or forced. It comes by the Spirit challenging every child of God to seek the Truth in the Word.


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