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The doctrine of the last prophet – Part 5


In the same manner, the prophecy of Malachi 4:5 does not speak of the physical coming of Elijah, because Elijah is in heaven, in the translated body.

Nor does it speak of the spirit of Elijah coming upon A MAN, because the divine arrangement for this time, is that God speaks to us by Jesus (Heb 1:2), who now speaks through the five-fold ministries (Eph.4:11). It, therefore, speaks of the spirit and power (anointing) of Elijah coming upon willing and chosen vessels in the five-fold ministries.

“Elijah, the prophet” in Malachi 4:5 – actually speaks of the PROPHETIC RESTORATIVE ANOINTING OF ELIJAH or the Spirit and Power (anointing) of Elijah. God was actually giving a promise that before the second coming of the King, He would send upon the voice of Jesus on earth (the five-fold ministries) the spirit and power of Elijah. It is, therefore, clear that this Scripture has nothing to do with any prophecy concerning any so-called “Last Prophet”. All over the world today, God is honouring His word, for He is pouring out this prophetic anointing of Elijah upon willing vessels in the five-fold ministries. Glory be to His Holy Name!


This prophetic anointing of Elijah is not for those who have called themselves into the ministry via the Bible College route. It is available only to the labourers who have been called by the Lord of the harvest into the field. (Mat. 9:38). In other words, it is not for the thief, the robbers and the hirelings, that is those who “entereth not the sheepfold by the DOOR (Jesus), but climbeth up some other way” (John. 10:1), the Bible college way, the church appointment way, the family ascendancy way (remember the Reverend and Reverend Mrs). My God!! This is the spirit of the first lady, even in the Church of God! This Elijah anointing is only for those who have been called by the Lord to work in His vineyard.

Even at that, it is not all these that will partake of this end-time anointing. All the 120 in the upper room partook of the gift on the day of Pentecost because they were all aware of its promises and were expectantly waiting for it. To partake of this anointing, you must be aware of its promise which litter the pages of the Holy Book. You must also come to Him believing that He is and that He is a REWARDER of them that diligently SEEK Him. (Heb.11 :6)


Brothers and Sisters, get aware of His promise and begin to diligently seek His face and the promise would come just as surely as the other promises came on the day of Pentecost. I am not talking about a different Holy Spirit from that which came on Pentecost. No! It is one Spirit – the same Holy Ghost but with a peculiar anointing to meet the needs of the time.

This Prophetic anointing is a wonderful anointing. It is an anointing that expounds the Scriptures. It is a relative anointing that breaks the bread (The Word) and opens up the heart of God. It is an anointing that defies theology and its man-made doctrines. Does it now mean that everybody has to be a Prophet to be useful to God in these last days? No! It only means that this Prophetic anointing will be so much in evidence in whichever office one has been called to stand. If you are called to be a teacher, you would be a Teacher with this prophetic anointing is you are called to be an Evangelist, you would be an Evangelist with the Prophetic anointing; if a Pastor it will be with the prophetic anointing. All the features of the prophetic anointing of Elijah earlier mentioned would be so much in manifestation in the life of every minister genuinely called into the five-fold ministries in these last days.

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Bro. Kunle Adigun, Friends of the Bridegroom International Ministries (FOBIM)


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