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The doctrine of the last prophet – Part 8


As It Was With Natural Israel

The children of Israel having tasted the power of God in the brazen serpent idolised it. They preserved it and it became an object of worship. And for 700 years, the people of God burnt incense to it. The error of the children of Israel was that they forgot that the brazen serpent was just an important milestone in God’s dealing with Israel. They forgot that it was just a bus-stop in God’s journey to the Cross of Calvary when God will begin again this time with His Church on another journey that will terminate at the Rapture. But the people of Israel wanted to force God’s hand. They had seen the power and the glory surrounding the brazen serpent and they wanted God to make it His last bus-stop. They wanted to settle down and said in their hearts; this is the last thing God is going to do. Let us settle down and worship this. But God was out of it! God was doing something new. He is a God of new things (Isaiah 43:19). But the people of God got out of touch with him. They built a tabernacle around the brazen serpent and began to worship it saying, “this is the last thing God is going to do”.

The minute God was done with the brazen serpent and moved out it became NEHUSHTAN, which means “ordinary brass”. Yet the people of Israel in their blindness and foolishness allowed the devil to change the truth of God into a lie and began to worship the creature more than the Creator (Rom. 1:25). The brazen serpent became an IDOL.


In the same way today, God has raised up various men, anointed them to do a particular work for him. These men are just bus stops on the way to God’s final goal, which is the rapture of a perfect church. It is wrong for any group or movement or the cult to force God to stop at any particular bus stop. Such people can never succeed. God has a plan. He has a purpose. That plan cannot be aborted. That purpose shall stand (Isaiah 46:10). Neither the whims nor caprices of men and cults can stop God on his way to the final destination.

Men of God have come. They have fulfilled the purpose of God’s calling upon their lives. They have left the stage for others to fulfil God’s purpose in calling them. For almost thirty years, since the so-called Last Prophet, Bro. William Branham slept in the Lord. God has continued to speak. New light, new revelations and deeper understanding of the things of God have been shed upon the heart of men. Let the following scripture instruct and warm our hearts; “, eye hath not SEEN, nor ear HEARD neither have ENTERED into the heart of man, THE THINGS, which God hath prepared for them that love Him “ (I Cor 2:9). Whatever God has done in Bro Branham or in any other minister of God (past and present) whom their followers refer to as the Last Prophet, is child’s play to what God is prepared to do, even as we move into the last minutes of this age. Praise God!!

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Bro. Kunle Adigun, Friends of the Bridegroom International Ministries (FOBIM)


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