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The end of all flesh – Part 3


Ejikeme Ejim<br />

Death is an appointment, which all of us must keep one day if Christ tarries. Methushelah lived 969 years, the longest that any man ever lived on earth; but the longest liver died at last. My father lived for 83 years and he died; my mother lived for 79 years and she died and my younger brother after living for 61 years, he died. Death is the earthly end of all men.

One of these days, you will close your eyes in sleep and when that happens, the spirit departs but the body remains. When God takes the spirit, he leaves us with the problem of grappling with the body and we have to do it quickly or we have to be in trouble. When the spirit departs, it goes straight into eternity. There is a song by Elisha A. Hoffman, which says, “where will you spend eternity?” This question comes to you and me today! Please tell me, what shall your answer be?


In the world today, we may have kidnappers, thieves, robbers, and people who belong to cults and Satanists. We may have an atheist who doesn’t believe in the existence of God at all and they say there is no God. In Psalm Chapters 14:1 and 53:1, God called the atheists fools because it is only fools who say there is no God. It is only the fools that will say I am an instrument of an accident or I just happened. It is only the fool who will look at all the creatures without discovering to say there is somebody behind all these things.

The whole world is crying about rape today and the world has been taken over by all types of hard drugs. Some are dying under Indian hemp and these days some are dying under tramadol. Recently after the resumption of an international flight, a young man was arrested with millions of dollars worth of tramadol flying from Nigeria to Turkey. The Holy Spirit is given to us for power but some people need hard drugs for their own power. God wants us to have a sound mind and self-control but some people want to take drugs that will create problems for their lives and makes them agents of destruction. People are involved in all types of evil but God sent His Son to deliver us from all the bondages of sin.


Some of us who are saved have the ability to do all kinds of evil and abomination. We have the ability to be wicked, mischievous, and evil. We have the ability for every class of wickedness. But why are we not carrying out those abilities to do evil? It is because there is a change of master and our lives were transformed when we encountered Christ.

Don’t joke with eternity, don’t listen to people of the world, and don’t let the devil deceive you. All those worldly things do not worth it; the only thing that is important is your soul and the only person that brings the real importance of that soul is Jesus. Do you have a living testimony that Jesus is the authority of your life? If you don’t, your life is an error and a grave mistake. Anyone who does not have Jesus in his life is lost, spiritually blind, dead, and condemned. I beg you in the name of Jesus, please give your life to Christ so that you will escape spending your eternity in Hell-Fire.

Today’s Nugget: Death is the earthly end of all men
Prayer: Jesus I accept You today into my life
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Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God Nigeria


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