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The eternal end of the wicked

By Prophet O. Azuka
16 May 2021   |   3:01 am
There is a looming calamity for sinners who refused to repent and accept Jesus Christ. Assuredly, they will not escape the eternal doom of hell. The wicked are appointed for destruction


Text: Job 31:3

There is a looming calamity for sinners who refused to repent and accept Jesus Christ. Assuredly, they will not escape the eternal doom of hell. The wicked is appointed for destruction. The scriptures unmistakably predicted the destruction of sinners who are recalcitrant to God’s Word.

The world is a marketplace for transaction for every man. And after the transaction, man will leave the earth to give an account of himself unto God. This fact is indisputable, but man is not conscious of it. Death is the inevitable end for all men! This sole reason must stir everyone to serve God and live in righteousness in order not to end in hellfire after death. Hell is a reality. Our Lord Jesus made an allusion to it in the Gospel according to Saint Luke 16:19-31 to further buttress the reality of hell.

What becomes of the wicked after death? This question is thrown overboard, regarding the way people live today. Unfortunately, they are more concerned about how they will be buried than where they will spend eternity. The desire to have a befitting burial has pushed many people into worldly affinity to ensure they are well buried by their clubs and associations after death. The rich man in the scripture was well buried but ended up in hell.

Hell is a horrible place. It is a place of torment for sinners. There is no respite in hell. The torment of sinners in hell continues unabated day and night. The punishment in hell is beyond description that no human being will ordinarily want to be there. But the irony of it is that a sinner who refuses to repent does not have the power of choice at death. The life such an individual lived while on earth determines his eternal home.

Those who live with reckless abandon will have themselves to blame on the last day. Those who meddle with the world and entangle themselves with worldly associations cannot escape hell. So-called Christians, who deny Jesus at critical times, will also face the consequences of their actions in hell.

It is regrettable that some believers do not know the worth of salvation. They fail to understand the torment of sinners in hell. It is baffling that some Christians trade with their salvation for mere fornication and mundane things. Sin is not worth losing salvation! Little lies and compromise are so debasing to make one lose eternity with God in heaven. Quest to acquire wealth by all means through fraud and cheating will meet corresponding consequences in hell fire.

It is better to lose everything on earth than to be in hell. It is better to enter heaven handicapped than to go to hell with the whole body.

The end of sinners will be bitter. Sinners won’t remember their wealth and the influence they wield on earth. However, it is not late now as long as you are still alive. You can repent and turn to Jesus for salvation.
For further reading: Psalm 112:10; 101:8;7:11-16; Gen.1:26-27; 2:7-8; Luke 16:19-31; Rev. 14:10-11; Jer. 25:15; Matt. 25:42; Isaiah 14:9-11; Rev. 21:8; 20:11-16; 6:12-17; Isaiah 2:10, 17,19; Mark 8:36-37; Acts 3:19; Rom. 10:8-9.

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