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The evil collector – Part 2


In Mal.3:11, the Bible refers to evil collectors as the `devourer’. When you put money in your pocket, they come to take it thereby making you decrease financially. These devourers also make some people suffer from rising and falling syndrome.

Again the evil collector could manifest in the form of miscarriages. If you discover that each time you get pregnant, you suffer miscarriages, it is not normal. Especially, if you have a particular dream at the point when you are pregnant like seeing red objects, someone coming to hit your stomach, pounding something in a mortar or being involved in strenuous activities that drains all your strength and this leads to a miscarriage in the dream, it is not normal. It could be the evil collector coming to collect from you.

A daughter-in-the-Lord of mine once had an issue. Before she had her babies, she has had more than fourteen miscarriages. I prayed with her and asked God to reveal to her who was responsible for her predicament. Same night after the prayers, she had a dream and saw her father with a calabash. He came to where she seated and put the calabash under her private parts to collect blood, the blood flowed from her body into the calabash and he took it away. He did that every time she is pregnant because he was using the blood of his daughter’s unborn baby to increase his wealth in the occultic kingdom.

In the physical realm, there is nothing his daughter needs that he will not give her, no matter the amount or how expensive it might be. Her mother ran away from the marriage when she discovered that her husband was an occultist. After she had the dream, we conducted deliverance for her and gave her some prayer points to pray with continuously. After engaging in the warfare prayers for some months, the father became sick and was on the verge of death before she was able to have her babies. Her father was the evil collector that collects from her.

Another way the evil collectors collect their dues is through strange illness in the family.

Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State.
WHATSAPP LINE: +2348135952623


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