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The evil collector – Part I


Text: Joshua 17:13-14
Evil collectors refer to those who come to collect tributes from others. Tribute means giving accolades to someone whether alive or dead. It can also mean payment exerted by a gangster or powers higher than you using threat or violence. For example, in some neighbourhood that is infested with cultist or gangsters, they can tell those around doing business to pay them a certain amount monthly. At the end of the month, they would come and collect the money and by so doing, the people are forcefully paying tributes to them in the neighbourhood. In this case, it is a tribute that has to do with extortion. The evil collectors are extortionists, they collect from you with threats or violence and it may also be a blackmail.

In ancient times, when a nation conquers another nation, the conquered nation must always pay tributes to their conqueror. In the ancient Roman Empire, for instance, every nation under them paid tributes to them. Today, some people are unconsciously paying tributes to the evil collectors because of what their forefathers did in time past. To some, their parents entered an agreement with some deities for protection with an agreement to give them sacrifice quarterly, annually or biannually. Now the parents are no more but the deity is coming to take the tributes from them by making their children to suffer losses. Some have lost money, children and business in the process.

One attribute of the devil is his love for sacrifice. If your grandparents made a mistake to consult one of his agents or witch doctor and a sacrifice is offered, it shows an agreement has been reached. After a while, the devil will come again to collect another sacrifice and if you don’t willingly give him, he will collect it forcefully from you. This evil collector can manifest in the form of loss of babies, money, and sickness that defies cure.


In Jer. 31: 29-30, the Bible tells us that the children were made to suffer the consequences of their father’s iniquity. For example, the grandfather consulted a demon idol for fame, money and power and the demon demanded for blood in return. This could be the blood of an animal or a baby. He went further to offer the sacrifice and was told that every year, the sacrifice must be renewed. After his wish was granted, he became the most powerful man in his village but after his demise babies started dying in your family or whenever your wife is pregnant, she always suffer miscarriage. This could be because the demon idol is forcefully collecting the sacrifice the grandfather was supposed to give him yearly. Whether dead or alive, the family owes him yearly deb, which he would always collect from the preceding generations.

Who are these evil collectors? They can manifest in form of a demon idol that your parents previously served. They collect what was previously given to them. They were fed with food via sacrifices and now they no longer get the food hence they look for the children or grandchildren of those they were in covenant with to forcefully collect the sacrifice from them. Also, the evil collector could represent the principality (which is the strong man) in the family. He comes in at any point in time to collect his dues from the family.

Again, it could also be a marine deity. I remember the case of a sister who was 49 years old and wasn’t married. After praying without solution, I asked God to show me the secret of her life and God revealed that, after series of miscarriages, her mother went to consult a demon god from the river at a place where three rivers meet. The demon god told her that the first daughter will have belongs to him and she will never get married nor have a child and she will not succeed until she serves him.
Anytime, she goes into business, when the business is about to succeed, she will suffer loss. After the revelation, I told her to ask her mother and the mother affirmed everything that God revealed to be true. During the course of her deliverance the demon spoke via her that he was the one collecting everything from her and has killed three men that wanted to marry her. She did not know what transpired before her birth but based on the agreement entered by her mother and the deity she ended up suffering the consequences and paying tribute to the demon god.

I decree to you that every tribute the evil collector has been taking from you expires today in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State.
WHATSAPP LINE: +2348135952623


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