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The evil dress maker


In Gen 3, the Bible told us that man was already clothed in God’s shekinah glory and wasn’t naked. The devil spoke to them and they went into disobedience. By reason of their disobedience, they saw that they were naked. Anytime the Bible talks about nakedness, it has connection with something that has to do with shame and also means the covering has been taken away hence it has become defenseless. It also means the glory has been taken away.

By the reason of Adam and Eve’s sin, the shekinah’s glory was taken from them and they became naked. They took a fig tree and covered themselves. The fig tree could not cover them properly hence God (the dressmaker) had to make clothe of skin and clothed them (Gen. 3:21). When they put on the covering made by God, they were comforted. That covering symbolises what was to take place on the cross of Calvary. We were under sin, so when we give our lives to Christ, the righteousness of God is imputed in us via Jesus Christ that shed His blood for us on Calvary.

Just as you have God as the dressmaker in Gen. 3:21, the devil is also a dressmaker. He creates and wears people evil clothes, some people are moving about being worn with different evil clothes spiritually. As a rule, whatever you wear in the spirit realm will determine what will follow you.


One of the clothes the evil dressmaker makes is the grave clothe. The enemy can sow grave clothe and give someone to wear. In John 11:44, we can deduce someone made the grave clothe they wore Lazarus. When a man sees himself having suicidal tendency, eating or communicating with the dead and seeing coffin in his dream, it could be a sign that the person is given grave clothes. Not until that clothe is removed from the person, nothing will stop him from dying.

Again, the evil dressmaker can make and wear someone prison garment. When a man who is wearing a prison garment enters a place, he is easily identified as a prisoner. As long as a man wears the prison garment in the spirit realm, he will remain in bondage. In Gen 41:14, when Joseph was about to be brought out from the prison, he shaved and changed his garment before appearing before Pharaoh because it is an error to wear the prison garment in the palace. Generally, the garment you wear gives you identity and authority and makes it easy for someone to determine your status. In the spirit realm, you can’t wear the garment of bondage and expect the strongman in your father’s house to respect you.


Another garment that the evil dressmaker makes is the garment of poverty. Once you are wearing the garment of poverty, you are reduced to the state of a beggar. No matter what you have the evil forces would ensure they reduce you to zero level by either bringing your business down or frustrating the work of your hands. No one who wears the garment of poverty ever becomes rich because the devil always brings one problem or the other to collect the money from him. To some, they might see the money but can’t account for what they did with it. To another, money doesn’t meet money in their hands. If the money at hand doesn’t get finished, new money won’t come in. For others, the money comes to them in peanut, so that they won’t have enough for use. To the last set of persons, they always rise up only to go down again. In Mark 10:46-52, blind Bartimaeus was clothed with the garment of poverty and that made him to beg to eat. That state of begging made him to be at the mercy of others.

Also, the evil dressmaker can wear a man the garment of infirmity. This is the garment of sickness. In Luke 13:11-16, the woman was bound with the garment of infirmity but Jesus had to loose her before she became free. When a man wore a garment of infirmity, it is possible for him to take all kinds of medications without solutions.

To break out from the stronghold of the evil dressmaker, you must be born again. To be born again means to cut every tie with the devil and properly surrender to Jesus Christ. Secondly, take out time to fast and engage in serious warfare prayers to break out of their grip. While praying, consciously remove the evil clothe from your body and replace it with a good one. For example, you can replace the garment of poverty with that of prosperity, infirmity with good health and so on. Finally, sow sacrificial seeds on God’s altar.I pray for you, any evil garment the devil has given you to wear, will burn to ashes and the evil dressmaker will go down in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State.
WHATSAPP LINE: +2348135952623


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