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The glory of Christ in alphabets


S. I. Okelezoh

C Stands for Christ, CA represents Christ association or Christian association. Christ is the Son of God, Christ is the Messiah, Christ is the Redeemer, Christ is the Head of the church, Christ is a Spirit (the Spirit of Christ). Christ is the Word of God. Christ’s words are spirit and they are of life, Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Christ the Creator from the Father God has associates, who are His member of His own body comprising the Soul and the Body given to Him during His incarnation.

This associate body, which is the flesh, was Holy, sanctified free from sin and corruption. This holy body of flesh of Christ was crucified on the cross. Through His associate body, He died for the sins of the world. This associate body of Christ was buried and ROSE up from the grave of death on the third day. The miracle seed of multiplication of Christ body resulted in the EXPANSION of His associate body, which is called Christian association.


Since Christ was given to the world, any nation where Christian association exists will be called that name. This means that the body would be tagged after the name of such nation. Hence, this body is in Nigeria and rightly called the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). Such body, therefore, is identified with the ‘holy sacrament’ i.e. the ‘holy communion’.

We must understand that this present world is that of CONFLICT, wars and battle between light and darkness. CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) must let her light shine to Nigeria in the midst of this crooked generation among whom she must shine as light. Like the anointed David of the Lord, who was raised up on high as God’s light and served his generation by the will of God.

Thus, such Christian Association becomes the apple of God’s eyes. These ambassadorial eyes of God carry out divine duties and responsibilities by running to and fro throughout the whole Nigeria and by extension the world; to make Himself strong on behalf of them whose hearts are perfect towards Him (in righteousness, truth and justice etc.). Therefore, CAN cannot and must not support and strengthen evil and evildoers.

The author of peace is Christ and He executes His peace by destroying and casting out Satan and his gang. Satan does not possess the substance, element, power and authority of peace. To go to him for peace is delusion to the highest order.

So, the question we should ask ourselves is: Which of the CA Christ body goes to bow to Satan and his cohorts? Which of them goes to Satan and unrighteousness to seek for a peace treaty?


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S. I. Okelezoh
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