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The grace of God and its power over sin

By Prophet O. Azuka
27 November 2022   |   2:06 am
Our previous series dealt extensively on sin and its consequences. Sin, as earlier noted is an ugly monster; deceitful and leads to death. Marriages have crumbled because of sin.


Our previous series dealt extensively on sin and its consequences. Sin, as earlier noted is an ugly monster; deceitful and leads to death. Marriages have crumbled because of sin. It has also thwarted destinies of young people; hence, the provision of God’s grace to save mankind from sin.

Excitedly, there is grace that pulls out of sin and brings salvation to mankind. This is the hallmark of our discourse today. Unfortunately, there are misconceptions about salvation grace brings. In some assemblies, infant water baptism and confirmation have been mistaken for salvation. This is an erroneous teaching and false belief. Those claim to have received salvation in this manner, have not actually encountered God’s grace. Grace is an antidote to sin. Hitherto, sin had made a man slave, but grace intervened to redeem man. Sin is destructive, so God had to release His grace to deliver man from the quagmire of sin.

It was a ‘little’ disobedience of sin that drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. This, to us in this dispensation, is a negligible sin that can be excused. This is because more atrocities are being committed daily in churches than in the days of Adam and Eve. But there is no little sin. Sin of disobedience is as grievous as any other sins. Any man, who professes to be a Christian, but lives in sin, has not really encountered the God’s grace. It is more honourable for such an individual to sincerely confess the Lord and accept the grace that saves from sin.

Law produced death, while grace brings life to man. Law condemns, while grace delivers. Grace speaks louder than law. This was exemplified in the life of the woman caught in adultery. The law surfaced to condemn her to death, but grace showed forth and set her free. With the presence of Priests in the Old Testament, the harvest of death occasioned by law was incessant. But life and salvation came when the curtain of the temple was torn into two at the death of Jesus Christ. This brought about grace and expelled death brought. Obviously, the law lacks the power to perfect those that come to it. Law leaves people who embraced it with guilty conscience.

It was not possible for the blood of animal to cleanse man from sin, hence the provision of grace. Grace is preceded by salvation from sin. The entire humanity should be aware that grace to come out of sin is available today. However, the propagators of this good message must first encounter this grace.

The line of demarcation must be drawn: a sinner is not a Christian and a Christian is not a sinner. While a sinner is alive, he has every opportunity to accept God’s Grace, repent from sin and come to the Lord. There is no repentance in the grave. Ministers, who deceive the gullible and conduct burials for sinners with an assurance that they have gone to heaven, are enemies of the Calvary. The sprinkling of water at the graveside does not pave way for any man to heaven. Repentance from sin through the efficacious God’s Grace.

The church must go back to the basis and seek God’s Grace. Those who minister at God’s altar, but have not received this grace should immediately resign from that office or face divine judgment! Time is up for the agents of Lucifer who hide on the pulpit of God as ministers. If you have not tested God’s Grace, stop going out to preach the gospel to avert God’s curse.

The destruction that came to Christianity was when Christians introduced worldliness to the church. Obviously, no man can stand for God and Lucifer at the same time. God’s spirit cannot dwell in any man that serves both God and Lucifer.

Again, promoters of the second work of grace should repent, correct the errors and come back to the Lord. There is nothing like second work of grace that sanctifies and cleanses from sin. This teaching strengthens sinners to continue in their sin until they receive the so-called second work of grace. This is heresy and it emanates from hell!

Grace has finally won and brought man to where he belongs. Accept, welcome God’s grace with an open-hand and your life will change for the better.
• Further reading: Titus 2:11-14; Romans 8:3; John 1:17; 8:1-11, 3; 8:6; Lev. 10:1-7; Matt. 23: 37-39; 27:45-51; Romans 8:3; Heb. 10:1, 3, 4, 8; 1 Tim. 1:12-15; 2 Tim. 4:6-8; Titus 2:11-14; Rev. 9:6;Prov. 21:16; Titus 2:11-14; 1 John 3:9-10; Titus 2:14; Romans 8:1-8. You can fellowship with us @ Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Center, 65, Oluwatedo Estate, Isashi, Ojo, Lagos State. For details of our programmes, visit us You can also follow us live on Facebook @kpicpc & YouTube @ kpicpc.

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