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The hour has come for true worshippers – Part 4


Youth Choirmaster leads youth choristers, during song ministration at the<br />last crusade.<br />

The true worshippers of God must be ready to meet God’s demand in purity, holiness and in all manner of conversation not excluding the thoughts, conducts, disposition, action, and comportment. And to be a true worshipper, you must be holy, pure, covered with the blood of Jesus, sanctified and daily maintaining purity of life. And this is the prerogative of the Chosen ones.

1Pet. 2:9 says, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.”

The choice of God is Chosen. God has chosen us as Special people, a Holy nation, a royal priesthood and anyone who claims to be a Chosen/believer must live up to this expectation. He must live his life separated from the world, as a particular person and as demanded by God, because it is a special privilege that God has chosen you to become a priest in this End Time. God has chosen us to represent and mediate between Him and human beings and above all life, with Him forever and ever. So, we must not allow compromise or anything to take us away from this choice of God. If you derail from this path, it will be terrible for you, because this privilege cannot be got with money or anything in this world. 


Our Expected Response And Benefits 
NO believer is expected to join backsliders and people of the world to continue in iniquity. As a believer, you are expected to flee from the things of the world. You must be ready to show the world the difference between believers and unbelievers, by totally separating from them. If you are too close to them, they’ll misconstrue your presence as an endorsement of what they are doing. That’s the reason you must go far from them (compromise, backsliders and unserious believers) so that they will not claim that your presence in their midst evidence they’re doing the right thing.

When God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, He sent an Angel to go and speak to Lot, that he should leave Sodom and go very far, even though he refused and suffered the consequences. Instead of giving heed to the warning by going far, he looked back and he paid for that disobedience.

Gen. 19: 17 states, “And it came to pass when they had brought them forth abroad, that he said, Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed.”


That was the Angel talking to Lot to escape for his life, not to the plains, but the mountain to avoid being consumed by the wrathful inferno. He was instructed to go very far, but he disobeyed and suffered the consequences. So, in today’s perspective, Sodom represents anything God hates and will destroy.  

It is the same message, today, instructing us to go very far from the world and its people and not to follow their example. We must not do what they are doing, marry, do business or compete like them. We must not be in the same association with them in order to make them understand that we are not of the same value with them and don’t belong to this world, but are Heavenly citizens. We must keep a distance from them, to let them know we don’t see this place as our final abode. So, if you are the Secretary of your village assembly, then know that you are too close to Sodom and may be consumed along with them. If you discover you are still a member of the village/town meeting or market association, you should know that you’re too close to Sodom. If you are doing business like them, before you know it, you’ll emulate their lifestyle and begin to speak, buy and talk like them. And before you know it, you’ll find it difficult to live a life that pleases God. So, you must ensure you go very far from the worldly people, who God has cursed, so that they can repent. If you stay with them, you will not find the need to repent or maintain purity and righteousness because they will exert lots of evil influence on you. 

1Jn 2:15 -17 says, “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father but is of the world. 17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.”


I want to let you know that the things of the world and its glory are temporal and will, therefore, pass away. ‘Do not love the world’ is the commandment and it is not different from the one given to Adam and Eve. So, if you disobey, you will suffer the consequences like them. The commandment is very clear and states thus, “Love not the world or the things that are in the world.” 

As a Christian, the things of this world shouldn’t appeal to you, because they are vanities. If you have mistakenly acquired those things, then you must handle them with lightly, for they are vanities, for naked and empty-handed we came into the world and it’s certain we will take nothing out of it. So, let not the things of the world ruin your Salvation. Understand that many people who lived in this world many years ago lived in affluence, but after their death, there is no trace of their glory again. In the early sixties, many wealthy people were trending. They built wonderful houses and were driving beautiful cars, but today they’re no more. When you compare those houses and vehicles to the ones we have now, you will agree that their glory has passed away. Some, who were deceived by those things, didn’t take any of them out of this world. So, don’t allow anything to deceive and make you miss heaven because that will be a disaster. Remember Esau. All you need to understand is that you are warned not to have an intimate relationship with people of the world, not to be too close or in association with them, not even to marry them. If you discover your spouse is not born again, don’t marry him/her, no matter how desperate he/she may be. If you ignore the warning, he/she may hinder you from going to church/ heaven.

How God Uprooted Hole In The Heart

MY name is Brother Goodluck M. Chinedu and my wife’s name is Sister Angela G. Chinedu. Our daughter’s name is Delight Chinedu. We joined Chosen in 2006. We came to appreciate God for delivering our daughter from Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), commonly referred to as a hole in the heart. VSD happens, when there is an abnormal opening in the wall between the two main chambers of the heart, which causes the blood enriched by oxygen to mix up with poor oxygen blood and forced to return to the lung. This condition causes early death in children, and that was the situation we found ourselves, three months after we had our daughter.


Three months after delivery of our daughter, we observed that she was daily getting leaner, despite feeding her with breast milk as instructed and cereals rich in protein. When I drew my wife’s attention to our daughter’s condition, she said it could be that the child was growing. She, however, suggested we should watch her closely. Then as she entered the fourth month and the leanness remained, it became obvious that there was a problem. So, we decided to take her to the hospital.

After examining her, the doctor suggested we should do an x-ray on her to ascertain what actually was going wrong with her. We did that and when the result came out, we took it to the doctor, who after analysing the x-ray report, told us the child had a hole in her heart. Consequently, we were referred to LUTH; as such case could only be properly handled by an experienced surgeon. At LUTH, we were asked to do another x-ray. The result of the second x-ray corroborated the first one. At this juncture, we asked the doctor what could be the cause, whether it was an act of omission or commission on our side, and what could be done to correct the defect. He attributed it to the way the child was born but added that he couldn’t rule out the conspiracy theory that abounds, regarding the hand of the enemy. On what could be done to address the problem, the doctor said categorically that the child must undergo surgery.

It took about three months for us to prepare for the surgery. A day before the scheduled surgery, I pleaded to be allowed to take her to my church for prayer, but they refused. Then I took a picture of her and brought it to General Pastor, who laid hand on it and prayed. After this, I quickly went back to the hospital, as the surgery was supposed to be done the next day. That night, I had a dream where angels came to LUTH looking for us and immediately they saw us, they went into the theatre and touched some of the equipment, and suddenly I woke up. I shared the dream with my wife and we prayed. The next morning being the day of the surgery, the doctors and nurses came and took her to the theatre and promised to finish within an hour.


But after waiting for two or more hours in anxiety, I decided to bulldoze my way into the theatre and met the doctors and enquired what was happening. They said the situation was critical. I asked what they meant by that — whether the child had died, but they said no. I asked if they had conducted the operation and they said no. I asked why and they said they had been searching for the machine to use, that the ones they had were not certified for the surgery. So, they would defer the surgery till the next Thursday. At this point, they brought out the child and we took her back to the ward. When we returned to the ward, I told my wife it could be that God had done the operation, otherwise why could they be searching for an instrument for surgery that had been scheduled for two months. Thereafter, my wife and I agreed that we would resist any further attempt to operate our daughter.

On the appointed Thursday, when the team of doctors came for the surgery, we vehemently refused to hand over our daughter to them. They warned that if the surgery was not done, the child would likely die after two months, as she was supposed to be supported with oxygen. They did everything possible to convince us to do otherwise but to no avail. When all efforts to make us reason with them failed, they brought a paper for me to sign that I should not blame them for whatever health issue that may ensue afterwards. As soon as I append my signature on the paper, they discharged us.

The following Thursday being counselling and deliverance service at the Church, we took her to the Church. During the deliverance ministration, General Pastor prophetically said, “That child that has a hole in the heart shall from today see it no more. I rebuke that evil responsible for it and command that hole to be filled in Jesus name.” Immediately this word of knowledge came, our daughter sneezed and lo and behold, her recuperation began. Brethren, God of Chosen is too great. The child that was given two months to live by LUTH is almost one year and nothing has happened to her. This is the finger of God. I return all glory, honour, adoration, and praise unto Him in Jesus name.


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