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The lifestyle of a king



The peculiarity of kings is the life of discipline they live. They are extremely careful with their utterances because their words are weighty and carry enormous power. They do not speak because they have mouths. Rather, they speak because it is expedient and the occasion demands it. Kings are models to follow. This is because they have taken out time to build their lives in different facets of human endeavour.

Christians are kings. They assumed this rare privilege and position by virtue of redemption. As kings, our words should be few and meaningful and should be spoken when necessary. Conversely, many kings (Christians) are garrulous and flippant with their tongues. They speak and make negative confessions, even against themselves and the future. Some Christians speak out of impulse and the dictates of what happens around them.


A king is a revered position anywhere anytime. A king is a decision-maker, a judge and a voice to his people. As a decision-maker, a king is supposed to discharge this duty with clear eyes and senses and not under the influence of alcohol or addictive substance that will make him behave otherwise. In addition, a king must also be mature to take up responsibility. David, though was made a king at a tender age, he waited till maturity before he assumed kingship position (1 Sam. 1:23-27, 19-20, 2 Sam. 2:1, 1-4). This was to ensure he attained the maturity to enable him to make valid decisions.

A king as a voice of the people is expected to be meticulous. He should be able to speak with wisdom and demonstrate uncommon knowledge at all times. As a voice, he should be intelligent enough to communicate his thoughts perfectly in order to defend his people before outsiders. This also attracts honour to the king and his kingdom.

A king is a judge to his people (1Kings 3:16-28). King Solomon displayed an attribute of a good judge in Israel in a seemingly difficult and complicated situation. He showed a high sense of justice in adjudicating between two harlots who disputed over a child. As kings, we must not pervert justice like the world.


A king holds a dignified office. Christians are called out people and kings by reason of redemption. A dignified king is expected to have one wife and not multiple wives like Solomon (Prov. 31:7; Neh. 13:26). King Solomon, a favoured king, fell out of God’s grace as soon as he deviated by marrying many wives. This is a stern warning to believers who are married and are still looking at strange women outside their matrimonial home. The end of such Christians is not always palatable. Like Solomon, the dagger of destruction would pierce into such heart. The implication of immortality is that it makes the believer lose all the favour from God and reduces him to pieces of bread.

The word of God admonishes men not to give their strength to women. God is all-knowing. All His commands are for the good of man. His admonition against immorality is for man’s safety. He does that to preserve such destiny from the destruction of ‘whorish’ women. Their house is a house that leads to death. Many have been wounded and sent to hell by their immorality (Prov. 7: 1-27).


A king dresses for glory and beauty (Exo. 28:7; 29:29). This verse of the scripture must guide Christian dressing. A believer is not supposed to dress in a worldly manner exposing the delicate parts of the body (1 Cor. 3:16, 17, 6:19,20). Neither is a Christian expected to dress in a shabby and wretched manner that depicts poverty.

Our entire body belongs to God. Therefore, it is wrong and abominable to make a tattoo on the body (Lev. 28:19). This is a heathen system and must not be identified with Christians. There are other practices associated with the above such as barbing of hair for the dead (Lev. 19:27). The clear instruction from God is to desist from such acts.

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We are Kings and Priests. Our lives should be patterned in accordance with the principles of godliness and decency.

For further reading: Eccl. 8:4; Prov. 13:3; Isaiah 53:7; Prov. 20:1;Eccl. 10:16; 1 Sam. 16:11-13; 1 Kings 10:1-7; Prov. 31:7; Roms. 7: 1; 1 Kings 11 :1; Neh. 13: 26; Matt. 5: 28; Prov. 6: 25-33.

You can fellowship with us @ Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, 65, Oluwatedo Road, Cele Road, Isashi, Ojo, Lagos State.

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