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The Lord’s Chosen celebrates 17th anniversary – Only God can do it

By Pastor Lazarus Muoka
22 December 2019   |   4:09 am
Beloved, it all started 17 years ago, when the renowned icon of revival evangelism, the founder and General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement...

Congregants at the last anniversary honouring the Lord Jesus Christ for His wonderful work in their midst

Beloved, it all started 17 years ago, when the renowned icon of revival evangelism, the founder and General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka answered the call of God and thus separated himself for God’s special work cum assignment fastened on a threefold vision of grassroots revival all over the world, revival of the apostolic Christian experiences among the body of Christ and revival of heaven consciousness in the heart of believers. And the concept of the mandate is to win ten billion souls for the kingdom of heaven.

For 17 years, we have been in pursuit of these visions, with serious quest to meet the 10-billion-souls mandate. And we know that God Who began with us, and is still with us will finish the work and cause the vision and mandate to be actualised in Jesus name

We are not only happy, but also excited for the grace and presence of God we have witnessed during these seventeen years. We are, by this anniversary, appreciating God for His mercy and compassion that have sustained us and kept this nation together. For we know that, if it is not the fervency of the prayers of the Chosen, maybe the country’s situation would have been worse. So, we implore you to join us to offer passionate prayers of appreciation to our Creator for all He has done, particularly this year and commit the approaching year into His Hand. Moreover, we should also, through prayer, remind God that we are besieged from all fronts of life and thus need His intervention for our freedom, for only Him can deliver us from social, political and economic quagmire.

Besides the anniversary, we are using the seasonal holidays offered as another opportunity to draw your attention to the inevitable last agenda in God’s dairy, that is the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. On our own, we are ending the year with a line up of power packed programmes, which will start with a special thanksgiving service to mark our 17th anniversary, which comes up on December 22, 2019. After this, we will have our end of the year programme on Wednesday, December 25 and 26, titled, ‘ONLY GOD CAN DO THIS’. It is indeed only God that could have seen us through from the snares of the enemies, the bickering and the blackmailing that the people of the world hounded us with this year. It is only God that will help us assumed victory over our enemies.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all members of The Lord’s Chosen. One thing that is certain is that the emergence of this ministry is a blessing to humanity. Whether humanity likes it or not, the fact is that God has chosen the ministry to bless and bring deliverance to the world as well as prepare us for heaven at last.

God has been very faithful to us. He has never left us nor forsaken us. We feel His presence every time and in every area of our lives. And with His grace richly in our midst, the vision assuredly will be actualised. Although the journey to actualise the vision and mandate has been rough, but we shall never rest on our oars, until every ground is covered. This is because we are called out from among the world to draw the world’s attention to the implication of sin. And this we have been doing in all the places we have gone, and we will not hold our peace, until the vision and mandate is accomplished and sinners repented. We are prepared to go to any length to tell sinners the fatal consequences of their sin in order to make them repent. And if sinners will not repent, we will do ours in reproving, because for this cause we are called.

We are to inform all men about Christ, the history of His life and death, and His resurrection. We are to tell as many as we can, that sin is an aberration. We are to tell the children of men that they are all in a state of misery and danger, condemned by the prince of this world, conquered and enslaved by their enemies, that if they could believe the gospel preached by the founder of this ministry, Pastor Muoka, and give up themselves to be Christ’s disciples; if they will renounce the devil, the world, and the flesh, and be devoted to Christ as their Saviour, they shall be saved from the guilt and power of sin. And evil shall no longer rule nor ruin them.

This is the message we have taken to the market places, inside the buses and to our neighbours and have made a loud noise, blown our trumpets and at the same time, deployed hundreds of buses and cars to communities and neighbourhoods to accomplish this goal. We are aware that there must be active exertions for the result to be produced. We know it will not be done sitting in the comfort of our homes. Hence, we have taken the gospel to their door steps; and putting it on their ways; making sure they do not escape it; by blowing the trumpet right in their ears. That was why we innovated the use of apron to advertise Jesus and His good programme. We are, therefore, appealing to everybody to embrace the revival going on. We know we can do nothing of ourselves, but we can do everything by the help of our God.

We have embarked on this journey with all our strength, soul, spirit and body. The same speed with which we started when the ministry was established, called and chosen for this work seventeen years ago (2002), the same momentum and impetus has not reduced till date. We are very conscious of the fact that this world has expired, and will soon come to an end, paving way for a new world order under the direct supervision of Jesus Christ and the saints. We have noticed increase in violent crimes, prostitution, the doctrine of gay practice, high volume of social, political and economic corruption, and increase in persecution of the Church, among others. All these are pointing to the fact that we are closer to the end of the end.

But God has helped us to turn many that are dead in sin to life, bringing them from sin to righteous and from darkness to light. We implore Nigerians to return to God in order to have peace. This is because no peace can be achieved without God. God has no pleasure in the crises of any nation. He awaits with much longsuffering repentance, so that He may pardon them, and receive them into His bosom of infinite love and peace. Let’s use this time to reflect on why Christ came into this world. Jesus came with a message of peace and reconciliation. Let us apply the import of this message in whatever we are doing. Let there be ceasefire among us, so that there will be reunion. Let the whole nation take advantage of this period to ensure peace and reconciliation among citizens. We believers and particularly the ministers of God, should use this occasion to pray for our country and commit it into God’s Hand, so that our children and yet to be born generations will find it a place to live.

The unity we are enjoying in this country since independence is not as a result of the intelligence and intellectual of our leaders, but because of God’s providence. All human enterprises could only succeed through divine blessing, for no prosperity can be expected in a country without the finger of God in every of its undertaking. If the means, models and designs are laid in oppression, corruption and injustice, God certainly cannot build there. We should know that if God is not acknowledged in what we are doing, we have no reason to expect His blessings and peace, and without His blessing all is nothing.

Beloved, we invite you to join us to praise and worship God in a grand style that will usher in His presence, which will bring about breaking of all yokes that will cause the barren to conceive, the lame to walk, the blind to see, captives to be set free, the poor to rejoice, the hunger and thirsty to be satisfied and those that lose something in life to gain restoration with unspeakable joy.

Let’s conclude with the prophetic statement of our founder that says, “Chosen is blessed and shall not be cursed. Whosoever that blesses Chosen people shall be blessed, and whosoever that curses them shall be cursed, for Chosen is blessed.”