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The marriage institution – Part 10


Ayo Daniels<br />

Marriage is a beautiful institution ordained by God for the welfare and happiness of mankind, an expression of synergy and cooperation between couples to build stable families.

Are you looking to build a stable family that is godly, relevant, and lasting? Today, we would highlight six important attributes that any prospective couple should discuss, as they plan their future home together. This also is applicable to already married couples, as they focus on their married life daily.


The love of God is the greatest of all ingredients as it saturates relationships to produce a happy, harmonious and lifelong marriage. The following virtues can strengthen any relationship:
Faithfulness: Every vow is a promise made to be faithful to each other as long as we live. Loyalty to one’s spouse is the foundation of trust in marriage. When loyalty and faithfulness disappears, so does trust, and once trust is broken, it requires a lot of effort to re-establish Mark 10:9.
Honour: Honour is simply defined as “high respect; esteem.” This is called the next-level respect, and married couples are meant to give the highest regard to one another. We show honour in the way we speak, behave, and conduct ourselves both in and out of the home, Romans 12:10.

Humility: Pride and arrogance must not be given root or room in a harmonious marriage. Instead, we’re meant to be humble and unassuming; not jump to worst-case conclusions about each other, and always be ready to step up and admit when we’re wrong. Humility means not pushing our opinions hard on each other (even when we are right), but giving our spouse the benefit of doubt, contributing to the strength and character of the marriage Ephesians 4:2-3.
• Patience: This fundamental virtue can be a challenge, especially when it comes to personality clashes among couples in the process of two becoming one. However, we should exercise patience and show kindness, even when we are feeling irritated with one another. It’s one of the many attributes that help us keep the peace in our marriages Ephesians 4:2.
Understanding: Marriage involves two very different people merging their lives and creating a home together. So, it is important to understand each other, especially when our spouse is difficult to understand. Practising empathy: the art of stepping into your spouse’s shoes and seeing situations from their perspective will help your understanding of their personality. I Peter 3:7

Unity: In a marriage, couples are on the same team, having chosen to be joined together as one. Unity doesn’t mean agreement on everything or the same preferences, likes, and dislikes. Rather, it means sticking together despite the differences. It’s a conscious decision to work together to reach consensus, compromising when necessary, as you make decisions together towards positive outcomes, Colossians 3:14

Ayo Daniels is a healthy family passionate who writes from Lagos and will love to hear your feedback, questions, testimonies and attend to your counselling need:


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