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The ministry of satanic altars – Part 1

By John Okene
29 March 2020   |   2:04 am
Many people are living far below their divine destinies, some are living as beggars while they are ordained to be millionaires. Some born again Christians wake up in the morning only to see mysterious marks on their body.....

Many people are living far below their divine destinies, some are living as beggars while they are ordained to be millionaires. Some born again Christians wake up in the morning only to see mysterious marks on their body, some suffer regular repeated tragedy, others have compulsive irrational behaviour that makes them to regret taking an action. Why will a child of God exercise death wishes and suicidal tendencies? This can best be explained by the activities of satanic altars.

A young man walked into my office with lacerations all over his body. On further inquiries, he explained that, any time he sleeps with his wife, he would wake up and find himself under the bed. Not only that, most times after sleeping with his wife someone with a masked face will flog him in his dream. When he wakes up, he will find himself under the bed with marks all over his body. I inquired further when it started. He told me it started on the day of their honeymoon. He had been in that situation for 10 years. During the prayer/deliverance sessions with him, I discovered that his wife was a former priestess of a marine cult called “Igbe”. The people in this cult are marine worshippers and every member of this cult is married to the marine deity. Even though she had left the cult, the powers from the marine altar refused to let her get married. It was the power from the altar that was attacking the innocent husband. Eventually they got their deliverance.

An altar is a designated place where sacrifices are offered or where covenants are made with deities. It is the place where humanity meets with divinity. In the book of Judges Chapter six, we see the story of Gideon; ordained to be great, yet living as a beggar because his wealth and virtues were trapped or caged inside the altar of his father’s house. In Judges 6:25-26, God told him to pull down the altar. Until the altar was pulled down, Gideon was a shadow of his true identity.

After he pulled down the altar of Baal, he was able to fulfill his destiny. There are some of you reading this article, you are going through the same experience, today just as God delivered Gideon, He will also deliver you in Jesus name. I see the evil altars of your father’s house going down now because of you. Destinies buried in the altar are being liberated now to the glory of God in Jesus name. Altars are generally designed for sacrifice. It serves as a medium of communication and worship. A satanic altar is the spiritual dining table of the devil.

It is the place where destinies are exchanged and also where contacts are made with the spirit world. It is also a place of deliberation, decision and action. Such could be negative or positive. Every satanic altar has a priest or priestess. Their duty is to invoke the spirit of the deity by sacrifice to act on behalf or against a person. Every altar is powered by sacrifice. An altar however, has no power until sacrifice is made on it. Therefore sacrifice is the power and the voice of an altar. Sacrifice is the offering of an animal, something precious or of great value to a deity for protection, appeasement, covenant, vindication or propitiation. Any sacrifice offered on the altar must die. It is the sacrifice that gives the altar power to speak for or against the particular person in which the sacrifice was offered on before or against.

The step sister of one of my daughters in the Lord confessed openly how she took my spiritual daughter’s name and picture to a witch doctor to make her go insane. According to her, she was not happy with her sister because she was always helping everybody in the family with money, yet she happened to be the last girl in the family. “She was always showing off that she is wealthy so I decided to strike her with madness or stroke” said the step sister. Unfortunately for her, the day she was executing her agenda was the day we had a special programme in the church tagged “Operation fire for fire”. Immediately she called the name of my daughter in the Lord in the evil altar, the arrow backfired on her. Hence her open confession. I decree in the name of Jesus, any sacrifice offered on an evil altar because of you will backfire in Jesus name.
Prayer Point

• My glory trapped in satanic altars, in the name of Jesus, escape now by fire.
Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta state.
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