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The most effective method of evangelism: One-on-one contact


Personal evangelism has been proven to be the most effective method of evangelism. Peter, the apostle of Jesus Christ, was a product of personal evangelism. Just as Peter was brought to Jesus through one-on-one evangelism, there are people out there that need Jesus Christ, and they are desperately waiting for you to bring the gospel to them.

It is time to take Jesus to the dying world for salvation. Many people are downcast and encounter failures daily in their lives. Such people have already given up on God, as they have lost hope of a better future. These sects of people need Jesus for salvation. Death is on a rampage in the world today, as many go to eternity without Christ. Science and technology cannot help the world again; the last resort is Jesus Christ. There are Peters who beckon for salvation and you can be a solution to them, as you introduce Jesus Christ to them. Disappointment hovers everywhere. Sorrows are multiplying without succour from the world and Christians are the antidote. It is so sad that thousands of people die daily in the hands of the ravaging COVID-19. Mortuaries are filled to the brim with corpses. Mass burials are being conducted without allowing relations to have access to their beloved ones. What a painful moment! Men’s hearts are failing them. What they need urgently is Jesus before it becomes too late.

Any believer that refuses to carry his Bible and preach Jesus Christ to sinners does not love God. We are in a critical moment! The rich cries for help because hopelessness stares them in the face, and solutions are not forthcoming. Let’s take Jesus to them because He is the only solution to man’s problem.


Little did Peter the apostle know that Jesus Christ would be a help to him. The world is blindfolded by religion. Unfortunately, religion cannot help anyone but Jesus. In fact, religion has added to the world’s problem more than ever. Peter, having encountered Jesus Christ, became a veritable instrument in God’s hands. You too can be an instrument.

Don’t relax in the comfort of your zone and think that sinners will naturally come to you. We have to carry the gospel of Jesus to their houses. However, wisdom is required while discharging this heavenly mandate. There are people who are extremely difficult to reach out to. In this case, wisdom is profitable to direct. Visit them privately and do not allow detractors to be there. At times, you may not even carry the Bible to reach out to some people. 


One-on-One evangelism is so easy, effective and less expensive. It is more expensive to conduct crusade than personal evangelism. And at times, souls that are reached out to at a crusade may not be accounted for, unlike personal evangelism. Moreover, there are people that may never attend a crusade. This kind of people can only be reached through one-on-one contact.

Jesus Christ was a living example of personal evangelism, even after His resurrection (Acts 9:1-6). It has been shown that great men and women that serve God today with dogged determination are products of one-on-one evangelism.

The souls of sinners are so precious to God. He is counting on you. Let’s go out and win them one-by-one.
For further reading: Luke 21:26; 2Tim.3:5; Matt. 13:38, 47; Luke 5:27-27

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