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The multitude of no – Part I


John Okene<br />

There was a city in Egypt called “No”, it was highly populous and notorious for evil. They all worshipped strange gods with all forms of altars and shrines in operation where they practiced sorcery, charms, magic, and witchcraft with voodoo practitioners and necromancers. In Nahum 3:8, this city was referred to as the populous “No” with great wickedness in operation.

In modern times, there is a place on earth with a multitude of people who say “No” to date. Psa. 74:20 refers to it as a dark place full of the habitations of violence and wickedness. This is why we must respect every covenant of peace, longevity, and prosperity we have with God. This dark place is the coven where men gather to say “No” to the destinies of men. A couple was married for several years without a child and it was diagnosed that the man had low sperm count. Not too long after, his situation escalated to No sperm count and finally, it was erectile disfunctioning. They ran to me for prayers after which the lady had a revelation where she saw several manhood being cooked in a big pot. There, she could identify some of their close relatives who physically were not in agreement but worked as a combined team in collaboration at the coven. She saw also, an angel with my face holding a sword who ordered them to release her husband’s manhood. With a long stick, they stirred from one pot to another until she could identify her husband’s manhood and she recovered it. When she woke up that same day, her husband’s manhood became functional again. I decree, anyone saying No to God’s Yes in your life, may the ground open and swallow them up in Jesus’ name.


Witchcraft consists of two words; witch and craft. The word craft is a profession or skill while the witch is the act of twisting what was made straight. In other words, there are powers that specialise in twisting what God has made straight. These powers, though not in physical agreement work together in their dark places against their victims. The Pharisees and Sadducees in the scriptures were never in agreement but had joined their forces together to see Christ crucified. I pray for you that every power coming together against you will scatter by fire in Jesus name. The multitude of No come together to say “No” to so many things in the life of a man. The first among them is your marriage. These powers never want men to be married or enjoy marriage but God’s word says in Isa. 34:16 that none of his children shall remain single. A lady cried to me for prayers after four failed attempts to get married. She said for each of the four cases the suitors ran away strangely saying that some powers come to warn them to leave the girl alone. When I conducted deliverance for her, a voice spoke from within her saying that they are many who sat down in an agreement that she cannot marry. By God’s grace and intervention, she was delivered and she is happily married. I decree any power saying No to your marriage will die by fire. There are powers that say No also to you having a baby. They could say a woman will never get pregnant and if she does either of the mother or the baby will not survive. A case I handled some time ago, the father of the lady confessed that they had all agreed in the coven that his daughter cannot have a child. Thanks are to God, after her deliverance, she was blessed with two children. I make a decree that every evil covenant speaking “NO” to your fruitfulness is broken in Jesus name.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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