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The mystery of satanic exchange – part I

By John Okene
12 September 2021   |   4:05 am
Our Bible text gives us a clear picture of the mystery of satanic exchange. These two women were friends who lived together in the same house and were each delivered of a baby the same period.


Text: 1 Kg 3:16-23
Our Bible text gives us a clear picture of the mystery of satanic exchange. These two women were friends who lived together in the same house and were each delivered of a baby the same period. One of them overlaid her baby at night and the child died. To overlay means to press down to the point of covering. At one time or another you must have had a similar experience of being pressed down when asleep, especially at night. You try to lift up yourself but you can’t because you were overlaid by an evil presence. You try to call the name Jesus but nobody hears you until you suddenly wake up. That is a sign of witchcraft oppression and it is called evil visitation. The child in our Bible text who was overlaid by its mother, certainly must have cried out yet the mother continued until the child died. Obviously, that woman was a witch and the child suffered from evil visitation. Whenever you have such an experience, the aim of the devil is first to press you until you die in your dream. Secondly, it is to weaken you spiritually and thirdly to get something from you. Someone once told me that he had such an experience one night and woke up to find one of his teeth missing from his mouth. The woman in our bible text pressed the child and woke up at midnight to exchange the dead child with her friend’s living child. When the friend woke up, she wept bitterly to see a dead child by her side. But at the break of day, when she examined the child closely, she discovered it was not her child. Have you woken up to see strange growth or sickness in your body? This problem is not your own. Or you woke up to see your hair shaven and you say this is not me. “I pray for you that whatever was exchanged in your life while asleep physically or spiritually, there shall be a restoration in Jesus’ name.”

These two women dragged themselves to the king and started contesting but the witch of a woman was determined that none of them would have the child and so she opted for the child to be killed. There are people around you who have determined in their heart that if their children don’t prosper yours will not prosper also. “I decree, every witchcraft attitude of your neighbours towards you will backfire on them in Jesus’ name.” “Anyone that goes to sleep to attend a witchcraft meeting because of you, may they sleep till eternity in Jesus name.” A lot of exchanges take place in the middle of the night when men are asleep. One of them is child exchange as we see in the scriptural text. This can occur even from the womb. A lady came to me some time ago for prayers; she had two girls and was pregnant with the third child. When she had her second pregnancy, the scan result at the 8th month showed a male child but then she had a dream where a woman challenged her that she could never get a male child. She took the dream casually and so did nothing about it so when she put to bed; it was a female child again. It then dawned on her that there was a battle and that was when she came to me for prayers. We followed up in the place of prayers and she got pregnant again. The scan result showed it was a male child but this strange woman appeared again to challenge her. It was obvious that a satanic exchange was being done from the womb so I decreed that whosoever was responsible for it will die before the delivery of that baby. Two days before her delivery, news came that her mother-in-law was dead and this young lady was delivered of a bouncing baby boy. “I pray for you that whatever was taken from you in the spirit realm is coming back to you speedily in Jesus’ name.”

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
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