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The power of fervent prayer – Part 2


Prophet Sunday O. Nwabeke

Many years ago, I went up to a mountain to pray. The first thing that welcomed me when I got there was a viper, which dropped from a tree. I said within me, “Lord, I thank you, for this is an indication that this is your garden, because in the Garden of Eden, there was a serpent. Rain came and there was nowhere to hide out there on the mountain top. The sun came next, and I was right under its scorching heat!

It was only on the third day that I was released to go home, and the Lord said to me, “Henceforth, I have touched your tongue with a coal of fire. Whatever you declare from now, you will see it.” That was the day my tongue was anointed!

Friends, you have to make a move! If you want to taste the sweetness of Christianity, then go all out for the power!God did not mark you out to be a prayer project. You are a priest and king, meant to reign on earth. You were created to present the petitions of others, one to be constantly presented to God.


It’s time for a change! You must react to your situation! I am excited about Jesus! Power has given Him undeniable expression in my life!The gift of power will not come until you stir it up. There’s a power deposit inside you, but it takes prayer to cause it to be released. Prayer is the stirring instrument that causes the release of power.

This is why Jesus always separated Himself a great while before dawn, to seek the face of His Father. He was busy stirring up the gift of God in Him.
Friends, until you begin to see God’s face in prayer, you won’t have access to manifestation.If no one reminds you, remind yourself that the gifts of God in you need to be stirred up, or you might die without having used it. May are, however, loaded, but cannot see the deposits of that virtue in them. They are still sick, battered, beaten and frustrated, while the answer they need is right on their inside.

Until Zion travails, she will not bring forth. (Isaiah 66:7-8). If you don’t want to travail, then you won’t have a child. Proverbs 18:16 says: “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.”

The degree to which the power of God manifests in your life determines the place where God will put you. The power of God holds your destiny, go and stir it up! The moment the Church “went to bed”, the gift also went to sleep. So, God said in Ephesians 5:14 “Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead and Christ shall give thee light.” And in Isaiah 52:1 He also said: “Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O Zion; put on the beautiful garment, O Jerusalem, the holy city.”

You have the gift of power and you have a duty to stir it up. The only way to activate it is to get into prayers. Not once in a while prayers, but consistent prayers. If Jesus prayed always, then you have no choice. If the Son of God, born of the Holy Ghost, prayed without ceasing, you don’t have an excuse.

It is time to seek the Lord and enforce the release of His power.After they called me into ministry, for the next twenty-six months, I was praying and seeking His face; warfare prayers, tearing down and building up.
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