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The power of sexual memories


Charles Ighele

I have been teaching about the power of memories for many years. A wounded mind that is not properly healed can lead to a wounded, damaged and sad life even till old age. However, a life with a deliberate accumulation of sweet memories can make such a person enjoy life now and at old age.

Some weeks ago, an old class mate suggested that those of us who had our secondary school education at James Welch Grammar School, Emevor, in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State between 1969 and 1973 should form a WhatsApp group and a reunion after fifty years of many of us not seeing each other. Despite my very busy schedule I find myself once in a while going to the WhatsApp group to read people’s posts, comments and to chat. Boy, the memories are sweet. Names, faces, nicknames, childhood pranks and many other things that I have completely forgotten were now being deposited to my memory bank.

I have found myself sharing some of these sweet memories with my wife.

The memories are so sweet and soothing to the extent that, it has encouraged me to keep hammering on the need for couples to fill their memory banks with enough sexual memories. What do I mean? I am simply saying now that couples have some energy for romantic and sexual activities, they should make the best use of the moment and deliberately begin to invent and carry out romantic and sexual activities from which they can make withdrawals now and at old age.


Sometime ago, a woman I know who is now climbing into old age told a group of younger ladies that despite the fact that she and her husband have children who are now fully grown up, she has no single sweet memory of romance, sexual fun or orgasm. They just had sex without making love. Her wish is that younger ones should have better love lives. Now, her husband is dead and there are no romantic or sexual memories she can withdraw from her memory bank to make her have a sense of a sexually fulfilled life.

Another woman, whose husband is dead, said her romance and sex life with her husband was real fun. She had so much deposited in her memory bank to the extent that about two or three times in a week, she set aside a time when alone to withdraw sweet memories from her memory bank. She said she had prayed that God should remove sexual urge from her, which she said God answered. She said all she now lived on was sexual memories. Proverb 5:18 says “…And rejoice with the wife of your youth.”

One can see that a large part of the decision to deliberately start the process of a romantic life that is fit to be deposited into the memory bank has to be initiated and performed by the man. For example, verse eighteen tells the man to “rejoice with the wife of his youth”. In verse nineteen the words “let her” is used two times. For example, “let her breast satisfy you at all times”. The last part of verse nineteen tells men to bring themselves to a state to be intoxicated, delighted and satisfied always with her love.

I want to end this write up by reminding couples that there may be a time of very old age, when the physical energy needed for romantic and sexual activities may not be there. At such a time, sexual enjoyment shifts to withdrawing deposits of sweet sexual memories from their memory banks. Sexual memories are powerful and everlasting. Decide to start overhauling your sex life now. Love you.


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