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The power of the holy communion


James O. James

Holy Communion was instituted by Jesus Christ and is taken to remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. He purchased for us salvation, meaning we have been delivered, healed and saved from the powers of darkness.

On the cross, Jesus broke the power of sin; defeated principalities and powers and made a public show of Satan and his agents – Philippians 4:7.

When we look at the genesis of the Holy Communion, we see its representation in the Passover recorded in the Old Testament.


In Exodus 12, God asked Israel to slaughter a lamb and apply the blood on the lintel of their doorposts.

God wrought a great deliverance for Israel from slavery and captivity after 430 years, while their enemies perished in the Rea Sea. What the plagues could not achieve, the bread and blood did.

The bread represents the body of Christ and when we eat by faith, the divine health and life of Jesus the Son of the Living God flows into our body. Like the woman with the issue of blood for 18 years, we can be healed of any infirmity, if we decide by faith, saying if I eat the bread today, everything dead in me shall come alive.

When we drink the wine representing the blood of Jesus, we are essentially declaring that we have been forgiven and so, we have a right to stand before God. We have access to the blood of Jesus that is free from sickness, poverty and trouble.

Furthermore, as we drink the wine, we celebrate the New Covenant in the blood of Jesus and celebrate our victory over Satan; strength over sin and we share in the life of God (Zoe).


How the Power in the Holy Communion Manifests:
The power of the Holy Communion is not in the bread or wine, but in our obedience to God.

• It is in exercising our faith we believe that as we take the Holy Communion something divine will happen.

• Unforgiveness. We have to forgive those who have offended us because in forgiveness we qualify to receive God’s forgiveness.

• Found in reverence. It is our show of respect recognising the presence of God before the Lord’s Table that generates power.

• When we focus on God and not on others or ourselves around us.

• When we connect to divinity in our heart by refusing distractions.

• When we allow the life of Christ to flow into ours.


Benefits of the Holy Communion
• Healing

• Divine Protection

• The Life of aGod indeed

• Open doors/heavens

• Revival, both individual and corporate – empowers our prayer life and gifting

• Reminds us that Satan, sickness, fear, discouragement, addictions, hopelessness, etc, have been defeated.

Everyone qualifies to eat of the Bread representing the body of Jesus and drink the wine representing His blood as long as you are truly BORN AGAIN.


If you are not Born Again or you are living in sin, you will do well to repent and receive God’s forgiveness. Then and only then can you access the power therein.

Prayer points:
• O God my Father have mercy upon me and forgive all my sins

• O God my Father I forgive all who have offended me in one way or the other

• Father in Heaven, help me obtain mercy from those I have offended and help them to forgive me.

• O God my Father, let the life of Christ flow in me, as I take the bread and drink the wine in commemoration of the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary.

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