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The Process Of Divine Deliverance


abiara 1I welcome you to another week of divine encounter through this medium. I promised to take you through the final and total deliverance of the Israelites from 430 years of slavery. Although the word of God had establish that their deliverance is sure, yet when the time was ripe, their slave master (Pharaoh) refused to let them go.

By the authority I have as a prophet of God, I decree and declare your complete freedom from all forms of bondages right away in Jesus Name. Jesus said if the Son shall set you free, you would be free indeed. So, you are free in Jesus name. Today, I command the fulfilment of every long overdue promises of God for your life in Jesus Name.

The word of God that pronounced their slavery already prepared their freedom. The word of God is powerful, true and must come to pass. So, when it was time for fulfillment, certain events began to happen.
• The slaver master increased their burden.
• The people of God cried like never before. It was glaring they were tired of their situation. They wished for a better life. “Years passed, and the king of Egypt died. But the Israelites still groaned beneath their burden of slavery. They cried out for help, and their pleas for deliverance rose up to God”-Exo. 2:23.
Exo. 2:23

• Heard their cry and remember His covenant with their fore fathers. “God heard their cries and remembered His covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He looked down on the Israelites and felt deep concern for their welfare”-Exo. 2:24-25.

Then God called Moses, their deliverer, whom He had prepared to take them out. “The cries of the people of Israel have reached me, and I have seen how the Egyptians have oppressed them with heavy tasks.  Now go, for I am sending you to Pharaoh. You will lead my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt”-Exo.3:9,10.

Though Moses seemed not to know his divine purpose, he tried to convince God that he was not cut out for such assignment. However, God was able to prevail over him and he accepted. I pray for you today that that man or woman prepared by God to help you, to show you what to do, to bring you out of that unpalatable circumstance and connect you with your blessings is hereby divinely compelled to carry out his/her divine assignment in your life today in Jesus mighty Name.

Are you in a situation you do not know how to come out of it? I command divine help to locate you right now in Jesus Name.

After getting enough assurance from God, Moses embarked on the rescue mission. It was not until the negotiation started that Moses realised it was going to be tough. Pharaoh posed great resistance. He became obstinate and even scorned the Almighty God that sent Moses. Do you also experience such? When you pray persistently about a particular matter and the situation remains the same or even gets worse. The truth is that Pharaoh’s stubbornness was an indication of the eventual annihilation of him and his hosts and the ultimate deliverance of God’s people.

The initial refusal of Pharaoh to let the people go was an opportunity for God to deal with the Egyptians’ gods. So, be encouraged that with God on your side you will see the end of that prolonged problem. The God that freed His people and destroyed their stubborn enemy will do the same for you in Jesus Name.
• Prophet Abiara, General Evangelist CAC Worldwide,

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