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The rotten church – Part 3


Don’t be deceived as a young man, after serving your boss for seven year, and he gave you one million Naira to start your own business. You then go to a man of God for prayer for the success of the business you’re about to start. Then the man of God told you to sow half of the money and you foolishly agreed. My brother, this is the beginning of another struggle for you, because you’ll be left with five hundred thousand Naira. If you rent a shop out of five hundred thousand Naira, how much do you have left to buy goods? That means you are back to square one. Let me open your eyes: You pay your tithe from your profit. Anyone who asks you to pay tithe for the money you were settled with is a thief, run from him or her.

Most of them are not called; they called themselves. When God calls you, you’ll have passion, you’ll put your sheep first. For example, David in the Bible defended his sheep from the lion and the bear. He was ready to die for them. But the opposite is the case today. If you enter a church with five million Naira because you want God to bless you, and the five million naira turns to five hundred thousand naira, my brother, leave that place. God is not there! It is high time we called a spade a spade.


Don’t be moved by magic. That there’s a crowd in a church doesn’t mean the foundation is of God. How many pastors go to mountain again to pray? Even those who claim to do so, only go there to act. A pastor will go and pray and ask to be videoed. Do you know what prayer is all about? Prayer is an act of communication, and you can’t communicate effectively when you are being distracted.

The Rotten Church! Time won’t permit me to talk about dressing in church. Ladies now dress to church half-naked, and they won’t do that, if they have a meeting with the President, or when they have a job interview. They now have more respect for men than God. People wear torn clothes in the name of fashion, majorly church members. So many wrong attitudes are being imitated by the church, instead of the other way round. I wonder what the next generation will look like. The Nigeria of today started in our homes, when parents wouldn’t correct their kids when they do wrong things, and it began to spread to other kids in the society.


The Church needs to think. Paul said; “You are still proud about this shameful act.” You might say to yourself God will forgive me. Yes, He will, but you see, there is the Law of karma, which says whatsoever a man sows; he’ll reap the same. That’s why some people are suffering from cancer, because they were once smokers.

Time has come for us to come to our senses, so things can get better. God bless you.
Bishop Dr. Chidi Anthony, Kings In Christ Power Ministries.
17, Jubilee Close, Off Taiwo Street, Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos.


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