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The tongue



Text: Proverbs 18:20; James 3:5-6
Tongue is the smallest member in the body but very dangerous and poisonous. The way the tongue is used is very important as it goes a long way in attracting blessings or curses to the user. The misuse of tongue is where the issue lies; little wonder James called it ‘the world of iniquity.’

Families, churches, businesses and associations are scattered today because of tongue. Many left the faith due to the way they were scandalised by fellow members with their tongue. Shockingly, some even blaspheme the name of the Lord with their tongue. They say evil about holy and divine things they do not know about. A wise believer is careful the way, he uses his tongue. In fact, he weighs his words before he speaks. He does not react negatively to the word of God or divine manifestations that are beyond his understanding.


The wise counsel to believers who are heavenly bound is to refrain from speaking evil things with their tongue. Those who flatter with their tongue sow seed of discord among brethren. They destroy relationships and set churches and homes on fire. The flippant tongue is quick to bear tales and rumours without proper investigations. It is required of a Christian to investigate a matter before letting it out to the next person.

People waste their precious time gossiping. Unfortunately, this cankerworm used to be more pronounced among women in the society but today, the reverse is the case: men have taken the lead. This is occasioned by idleness. Some men are idle doing nothing reasonable but to bear evil tales about people. They always have something new to say against others without recourse to the damage such action may cause.

The problem around the globe is traceable to the use of tongue. Propaganda that engenders strife and hatred among nations is as a result of wrong use of tongue. Nations are set on fire that leads to loss of lives and property because of wrong use of tongue on unverifiable information.

On the other hand, tongue generally is not bad. It all depends on the way it is used. For instance, the salvation of a man is dependent on the confession of the tongue. Before salvation, there must be confession with the tongue. Petitions are also made with the tongue. Man comes to the Lord with his requests. Mountains are pulled down with the words of the tongue. The dark world is rendered impotent and disarrayed with the words of power that proceed from the tongue. No doubt, there is power in the tongue! Ugly situations are turned around with the confession of the tongue.


However, the tongue is controllable. It requires grace to restrain the tongue. The flames that ooze out from the tongue could be calmed by the pacifying words of the tongue. Husband and wife should learn a lesson here. A hot-tempered husband could be pacified by an understanding wife who has the grace to quell the rage from her irritated husband. As believers, it is not every time we stick to our right. There are times we let our rights suffer in order for peace to reign in our homes.

Blessings are embedded in the tongue while many also lose their blessings because of the wrong use of tongue. The blessings that are in the tongue can only be accessed by the wise who know how to use their tongue. They do not talk because they have mouth but they talk when it is necessary. Be a wise Christian and use your tongue to build, strengthen and encourage one another.

Further Reading: Matt. 12: 31-32; Psalms 50:20; Proverbs 11:13;16:28; 16:8; 20:8; James 4:11; 1:26;4:12; John 5:12; Proverbs 7:13; Mark 11:23; Matt. 7:7; 12:36-37.

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